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Today's Trade & News

Many will take an oath not to trade in Metal

Dear Members,

Yesterday I had a great interview. Today I preformed Mahayagna.


Just reached office, found silver is down 10% and gold is also down more than one percent. This is nothing to do with astrology as I mentioned many time previously that some time external market forces and speculations play role of major up or down in prices for short term around 42 hours.


As you know that I was not really bullish on silver after it reached $7.95 but I recommended if silver goes to $6.80. Today current price is around $6.38 this according to me looks very discounted price. I will recommend one can invest at this point blindly with-out thinks twice.


Gold is down only because of Silver and I have already mentioned in this week newsletter requesting “please don’t do short on gold”. I still hold the same.


All currencies will bounce back from today.


Moon is changing house in next 55 minutes. Now New-York time is 7.30 AM and any time after one hour you will see major turn around in GOLD, SILVER and other currencies against US Dollar.


Gold (gold is at $391) is sitting on hot sit and will any time to fly now, please don’t sell gold holding, you will see power of planets. Game of short seller and big player will end any time now.


Thanks & God Bless