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Life, nature and markets...small part of weekly newsletter..


Weekly Newsletter from 5-9 April    


All depends on us….our life journey along with nature could be beautiful…

Dear Members,

Jupiter was helpless in Capricorn for the last 12 months but finally on Monday it is changing its house which is a great sign for the world and humanity. The Word will get a new direction from Aquarius, but we should remember that it is the house of Saturn, so Jupiter’s power will be divided as half will be controlled by Saturn, and the other half will be controlled Jupiter. It is a very complex subject because the deeper you go, the more hidden mysteries keep unfolding, it is a never-ending process and I love it, but unfortunately, I have the limitation of age, which means I won’t be able to reveal and experience many hidden parts of nature and the astro cycle. It makes me feel helpless, but I still thank Nature for giving me this beautiful life in which I can feel and touch the most amazing hidden part of nature.

The Astro subject walks alongside us every second because it is part of us and we are a part of it. Money is an external thing that which every human being tries to earn as it runs our lives, but emotions like happiness, love, sorrow, anxiety, anger, hate, are within us, it is totally up to us which one takes control. It is not that easy to switch on the off or on button, it is a process from within which can make us what we want to be, but for that we need to work with ourselves. Yes, someone can enter our lives and point us in a direction, but it is up to us whether to start walking on that path or not.

It is awareness that plays the most crucial role of shaping our life’s journey. Ignorance always forces us to miss a great opportunity of listening to ourselves. Often in the past I have written long letters regarding awareness and ignorance.

Let me tell you today that we are incredibly lucky people who are in market because you can put your investment in the right place, and then you will be able to enjoy all your time with yourself and nature. I feel that we are blessed that we are investing in the market. Yes, speculation can change lives, because if we lose money then our thinking pattern and activity changes the path of life.

I think investors can plan life very well and take advantage of the extra time they have to spend with nature and understanding the meaning of life. Both can compliment each other because nature is taking care of the money part which is essential to run life, and you can start the journey of understanding the relationship between life and nature. Life and nature, are both the same, as we came from nature and we will go back to nature. Nature is so kind that it providing us with a great opportunity to understand the meaning of life. Nature provided us with very precious tools like the mind, heart, and soul which can help us understand the meaning of our life. Life’s journey could be so awakening that we can reveal a mystery of life and the relationship between life, nature, and existence every second.  

I think I have started going too far down the subject of nature, because right now I am sitting here on the mountains, in the small town of Kalimpong. I felt the nature and the beautiful breeze kept touching me and I am feeling that it is the most beautiful morning. Please enjoy your time with nature, and surely nature will give birth to those senses, to enjoy the nature that is hidden within you.

I feel like I just want to keep writing about the liveliness and playful part of nature, but you don’t pay for this, you subscribe to the letter to know about the markets trend so let’s get back that.

 2021 Financial Prophecies” We entered the most important astro cycle, it looks like our book is revealing the future amazingly, and I am sure most of the buyers must be very happy. I stated that every penny invested in our book will save or give you millions. Nature is so kind, it was narrating 2021 and I wa`9s just playing a role of a typist. It is must have book if any one has even small investment in market.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma