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Today's Trade & News


Dear Members,

In view of what is happening in the commodity market, today I would like to share something very important. Let me begin by saying that I am not happy with what is currently taking place. Of course sometimes am wrong about the short term trend, but that really doesn’t matter. The important thing is our planning for both the short as well as long term in this volatile and unpredictable market. Recently the trading floor has become like a battle ground with the conflict involving powerful buyers as well as short sellers. Flow of money is the determinant of the short term moves made by any commodity or currency. 


The trading pattern is never constant as it varies each week, month and every year. There is absolutely no guarantee that today’s trend will correspond to what transpired yesterday or tomorrow. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to win in this market and even make a fortune since in the medium and long term, all is controlled by the planetary or nature’s wave. Indeed, this is the reason that my medium and long term predictions of the market have been quite accurate. On the other hand, making short term predictions is a most challenging task for anyone including myself but overall, I am happy. This is particularly concerning the last nine months even though I sometimes have been completely off track. I attribute this to getting overly excited in regard to a particular commodity or area of investment when the medium and long term trends are very attractive. This has made me to advise you a little too early and if one immediately buys or sells aggressively, then it could hurt very badly if I am wrong for a few weeks. Best way to trade with my prediction is take position slowly whenever I came with new trend. I therefore urge caution once more as you trade commodities; don't take too much risk in a bid to become rich overnight or hastily make lots of money for your institution.     


I will not tire to warn that we are currently in a critical period where a lot of irreversible mistakes will be made. Analysing their decisions later, most people will be at a loss to understand why they acted the way they did since their own actions will not make sense at all. Well, this is because a mysterious force will play with everyone’s mind, misleading some to commit serious errors of judgement.


In the current period as well as the future up to the next twenty two months, big fund managers and hedge fund individuals will trade with the ferocity of hungry Hyenas.  (As you may be aware, a hyena is not only a scavenger; it is also a fierce predator and is capable of seizing food from the teeth of other competitors. Indeed, when they raid as a pack, they can be daunting even to the strongest predator). Since we don’t want to emerge battered and bruised in this bloody battle, individual investors must be very careful. As a matter of fact, it will be a great challenge to emerge from the skirmishes clean and clearly in the win.


I thought that a few points will help steer you onto the winning path in regard to the next twenty two months. Here are my suggestions therefore:


1. Astrologically speaking, we are in the period of water (liquids) and air (unseen force). When one dips a hand into water and attempts to grab it, save for a few drops that cling to our hand and fingers, the rest drips away. A similar thing happens for the air, the difference being that you can’t even see the air. While water may not be everywhere, the air is always around us and therefore one may not even need to grab it. This gives a clear answer as concerns the current situation: no matter how hard one tries in trading nothing will come out of it. The best thing is to just feel the environment and do as it suggests. Try to feel it and be ever closer to it (DON'T TRADE IN HURRY EVEN IF PRICES MOVE UP AND DOWN QUICKLY ON YOUR SCREEN). Other than that, there is nothing much that one can do. The water wave will change when it comes in to contact with the air wave. As you know, the combination or meeting of air and water can be quite violent and could result in extensive destruction by way of tornados, floods, hurricanes etc… During this time there is no direction as it moves or flows every where. It could also gather a lot of force and given time, it dissipates by itself, otherwise no one can stop it. (This is a blind wave or hidden wave).


2. If the weather presents a danger, then one must do his best to secure himself or even move away from the danger zone. When a hurricane is imminent, all mammals move away from the danger zone well in advance before calamity strikes. If animals get the message from nature well in advance and feel the necessity to evade danger, why do we ignore nature?


Stay therefore with the favourable commodities because they shall take you on to a safe path for the next twenty two months. For instance, I bought the dollar when it was $81 as I knew that a rising wave was coming. In the last two weeks, I mentioned that one could book profit in it, though it didn’t mean that one should short it as that would be going contrary to nature. Indeed, it has not even reached the half way point and dollar trading will be best bet during this period.


3. I have all major astrological wave charts for commodities in front of me, where each commodity has twelve power points. When a rising starts, it moves very fast. The tough task begins when the wave reaches the half way point because it is then very difficult to predict its next move from there. This is especially when support from all the planets is divided.


(A). Currently, the rising power is at the half way point for both oil and copper. Positive power as well as negative power are almost at par and show the balance going out of control at the half way mark. This is always a difficult range to trade but in the next week, it will be clear when the Moon will play a negative role for both. Needless to say, I shall be closely watching that combination as the outcome could make you a fortune, and I shall write concerning it on Wednesday (oil and copper).


(B). Coffee’s rising has already reached the half way point (I saw the wave coming and advised buying at $62). Six weeks back I recommended selling at around $136. Half way, I recommend buying at around $117 and now down at $107. A positive time is coming and my recommendation is therefore now very strong. This time, the upward move will attain maximum points and then the whole cycle will end. It is therefore quite possible for coffee to reach $150 or even $210 during this rise.


4. In the next twenty two months, each and every commodity will have varying periods of rises and falls though the commodity market will remain quite hot as big money will flow. Key persons will consider the commodity market as an easy place in which to make money. My recommendation is that you also remain in the same field but trade carefully and don't think that it is easy to make money.


5. Around October 2005, major volatility will hit all market, prices will move rapidly fast on both side and many hot commodities will collapse for a few day down limit and this will create big problem for broking house as many big traders will fall or go bankrupt. I will watching this situation and shall be guiding before that period hit the market.


6. Mars and Moon play a key role in volatile market and it so important that how you can save big loses? I see a only one clue “DECISION POWER”.  Decision power is (Mar's) and rule by mind (Moon). Have the decision power to get out even if there are losses and never get hesitated in buying even if the price is at a high. Decision plays a key role in your success so keep the power of decision in your mind and act during next twenty two months. I AM JUST GUIDING YOU BUT ALL YOU ARE MAKING ALL THE DECISIONS.



Twenty two months:

Grains, Palladium, oil, unleaded gas, heating oil, natural gas, gold will rise but silver will go up in many folds. The dollar will rise for a half period, after which it will have a problem.


All major world stock markets, copper, steel, aluminium, coffee, cotton, bonds and the Euro will fall.


Next seven months:

Gold, copper, stock market and all major currencies will fall. The dollar, bonds, coffee, grains and oil will rise.


Next thirty days moves:

Gold could rise a maximum of another five percent. However this will not be for silver; a good period will come for silver after twenty days.

Copper could hit another high though its journey will soon be at an end.

Oil will attempt new high but will servive? read next week.


For instance, Monday and Tuesday of this week will be most unstable and contradictory. You shall see a unique wave where a commodity will close up if it opens weak. On the other hand if something opens up, then it will close down during the same day. These forty eight hours always try to give a false picture, so avoid trading during these forty eight hours. 


I will try my best to give you an overall picture so that you can trade accordingly. I shall write on the next twenty months more but for now, let me end here. Following is this week’s newsletter:





On Monday, gold will attempt a false upsurge but the move will not be sustained. Last week I recommended getting out from gold and silver on Thursday and Friday and I am sure that many of you must have done that. This week gold can reach $442.90.


Metal stocks (gold and silver) and basic material stocks (steel, nickel, copper and aluminium) will fall quite fast during this week.


APPRECIATION: Since the last six months I have been writing a one important prediction "disconnection of gold and dollar". I thought that many gold bugs would appreciate my disconnection of gold and dollar prediction which nobody wanted to believe. In fact some were making fun out of it but it is happening and I am happy for my soul and nature theory.



During this week silver will also try to fool everyone by having a false upward move. I don't recommend buying at this juncture, but we shall soon buy after a few weeks. During this week silver could touch $7.12 with the upside being $7.41.


Silver stocks will fall quite fast.



This metal could be very interesting buying at current levels and one can therefore slowly accumulate around this level of $190.



Monday to Wednesday will be a very negative period for copper. It should therefore fall and then small rise again from Thursday. If it however moves up from Monday to Wednesday, then it will be a clear sign of a false rising and confirm 999% a great fall of copper within the next 7 days.



Fall of platinum will come from Wednesday so stay away from it.



I am buying at the current prices. I don't think that you need any other confirmation as I see something very exciting coming this way, though it doesn’t mean that it will rise from the following day. I will hold my position for the next 140 days. One can therefore buy CALL options. In worst case down side risk is $102.



One should buy cotton from Wednesday as I see it rising up to eight percent in ten days time.



I feel and see that the market may fall very aggressively from Tursday this week. IT MAY SOON LEAVE FIVE DIGITS FOR A FEW YEARS. Well I don't want to write more concerning the market: This is one of my key long waited predictions and if it happens, then I know how serious a meltdown of the world’s economy and erosion of purchasing power will be. It will trigger the collapse of industrial powers and initiate a terrible cycle. I still hope that this dreadful period doesn't come; but can anyone oppose nature's power?


Alternative energy stocks gained more than 20% in last two weeks. I am holding and may buy even at this level. I may add few new companies like ZOLT, ULBI and SLRE.



This week, the bonds will trade within range but each time they will rise from Tuesday's low. One can therefore buy when they are in the red more than nine points. I shall soon give a very strong buying signal for 30 years bond.



A very strong rising performance came from Corn and Soybean during the last week. Many experts were saying that they should move down last week because there was rain in the corn belt of the USA. Corn ignored the rain and experts therefore came up with another view to the effect that corn was up because there will be hot temperatures mid this week and that they will watch next week. Anyway, I always say that Nature creates all favourable points if it wants to take over something. I am recommending holding grains position. Monday and Tuesday will remain very volatile. Currently my focus and investment is only on grains.



Last week I recommended covering short in Euro and Pound, as well as recommended booking profit in the US dollar index. I am recommending buying again in the US Dollar Index from this week Tuesday. Enjoy the wave and its power. Sell the Australian dollar, Rand, Swiss Franc and the Yen. The Dollar will march ahead very strongly.


Finally, I am increasing the newsletter price by 50% starting this week. Those that still want to extend can do so in the next 48 hours.


Important note - Please don't forward or share the newsletter with others: this is for you alone.


I shall be in Switzerland (Zurich) from 27 June to 29 June.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 18 June