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Key predictions including Libya..........

Dear Friends,

Few predictions have already proved astrological power which I used to write "2004 World & Financial Prophecies"


On page 51 in new book...........


When I was writing about Libya in 2003, most of what I wrote was about positive things. I asked myself why so much was positive but I could not change it because this was what planetary combinations indicated. The year passed well for Libya and its leader Colonel Gaddaffi, both locally and internationally. Pending issues of international concern were amicably resolved and the country was able to salvage some of its lost glory on the global arena.


After the passing of a positive 2003, the outlook for 2004 is even more promising and I foresee better tidings this year. Last year I said that:


According to the planetary combinations, the year 2003 will be a more stable and progressive one for Libya. The country’s relationship with the international community and other world countries will improve…


Libya will have many investors from the international community because of the new policies to be implemented by the current ruler colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He will make many drastic but positive moves to improve the country. The country will also have cordial relations with the rest of the world.

2003 World Prophecies, page 102.


The great news for Libya continues because the entire international community including the IMF, World Bank, UN and various key countries will support and approach it positively. I am expecting great strides to take place in the economy as well as in the country’s politics. From now on, Libya and its leader will establish cordial ties with the international community and her relationship with the western world will improve.


And few more:

The time of launching this book gold would be trading above $404, silver above $5.45 and platinum above $800.


In all predictions on currencies section has come true from 2003 World Prophecies.


I am just waiting for stock market to collapse.


Thanks & God Bless