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It is end of party! Why we predicted Tuesday and Thursday fall in commodities and rise on Friday in our newsletter?

Dear members,

I have been receiving tons of emails and each one is pointing towards the
current volatility in the market. There seems to be a consensus that the
situation is unprecedented for commodities, currencies as well as the stock
market. To me it is as though money has lost all value as one could lose
entire life savings in a matter of hours. Despite the situation, one can
still make a fortune if you trade with high leverage. Meanwhile, there are
many traders who still trade with methods and patterns that worked five
years ago, but it is time to change. One is bound to lose if you stick to
the same old pattern and trade with the previous contracts. As a matter of
fact, we could lose everything if trade goes against us for just a few days.
Consequently, leverage is very important in the current market scenario and
each trader should therefore trade with 90 percent less quantity than they
did a few years ago.

The high speculation by the big boys and hedge funds has made many investors
(even seasoned investors) to lose money at one point. We should therefore be
very careful and book losses very quickly if trade goes against us for the
short or medium term. In older days, the stop loss strategy used to work
quite well but volatility is now killing it. Though the long term picture is
definitely upbeat, I don't know how you will handle the volatility for the
short term. This is why I have been recommending trading with low leverage
for the last one year. In any case if you are making money, then there has
to be a point where you get out. For instance at this point, I wouldn't buy
oil, metals and grains sector because they are trading in a very risky
astrological zone. They could move up in volatility for the short term, but
I wouldn't put in my hard earned money to make another 30 to 50 dollars.

I leave all the decisions to you, but the commodity markets will top out and
crash in the short term, and many people will lose everything in the
process. I bought physical gold when I predicted a bull market for gold in
2001, and I actually still have it. In that period I bought long term
options and I decided to book profit in 2005 when gold was trading higher -
as that was the appropriate time otherwise there is an endless wait for 1000
or 2000 dollars that6 may never come. Each trader must therefore realize
that there is always a point where one should book profit and watch the
market rather than wait.

I have been absolutely wrong on my currency predictions but one thing I know
is that my members and I will make enormous amounts of money from these
currencies. This may be hard to believe, but we shall make more than what
people have made in metals, oil and the stock market. Though I know that the
dollar is losing value everyday; and despite the fact that I shall lose many
of my members if currencies keep moving up for another month, I still chose
to hold the hand of astrology with 100 percent trust and faith. My
predictions of the dollar's rise will definitely soon be fulfilled and other
currencies will fall more than 50 percent. Just watch this prediction. Don't
trade aggressively; but start building up your position once you see
momentum gathering. At this stage if you have a position to take 100
contracts, just trade with 1 or 2.

My focus is on currencies and I am just watching other markets like oil,
metals and the stock market because I still believe that currencies will
make a 100 times what you have lost in recent months following my advice. At
this stage I can only do one thing, and that is to give a deadline to the
end of the dollar's fall and that will be till the 19 of November. I could
have been wrong about the dollar, but no power on earth can pull it down
after that day. As a matter of fact the dollar could turn around from late
Monday and will trade very stable. After Fed meeting dollar will show
positive sign but in worst case the 19 will be the final day for its turn
around. If that fails to happen, then one can say that astrology and
planetary movements are fake.

I would like to stop here and just write about the weekly trend.

This week newsletter 29 Oct to 2 November



This week gold and silver will fall from midday on Monday New York trading
session, and this fall will continue on Thursday. 


On Friday silver & Gold will make a nice
gain and short term traders should therefore trade accordingly. Last week
the weekly trend was quite accurate and short term traders or day traders
can trade accordingly. We rectified in update on Wednesday rise and Thursday's fall. 


These metals are trading in high risk zone and have already entered into a
bear market for the medium as well as the longer term. Indeed, a 40 percent
decline cannot be ruled out from current prices. These metals will trade
negatively from Monday to Thursday and rise on Friday.


This week all markets will trade in a mixed trend and no long term position
should therefore be taken. Trade in the short term. We shall see a correction in all markets on Monday during the middle trading session after a higher opening.


All markets will open and close negative on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the markets will open stable on Wednesday and close negative.


As for Thursday, all markets will open negative, rise during the middle session
and close negative.


On Friday the markets will open stable and
close up.


There is a great buying opportunity in coffee. From here the maximum it can
move down is to 18, therefore one can accumulate on this side because there
is very little risk on the low side and too much to gain on the higher side.
Coffee will rise strongly from Wednesday.

Cotton prices will trade in a mixed trend and we will see a sharp rising on
Thursday and Friday. One can book profit around 68.50.


All these three commodities will have a slow movement. Lumber and orange
juice will remain on the weak side and indeed they have been trading weakly
as we predicted. Last week sugar remained a little positive and it is time
to accumulate a small position as it will sharply move up from Wednesday's
last hour of trading. This rise will continue till Friday.


I see a sharp correction in all grain prices from last hour of Monday and
any rise should therefore be taken as a selling opportunity on Monday. A
very negative astrological period is coming for bean oil, meal, wheat and
soy bean, while corn will remain sideways. Please do not trade with high
leverage, but taking an option position in grains will give you great
returns in the month of November. This week they will remain very volatile.


A few weeks ago we talked about how problems with Iran may push up the price
of oil after the third week of October and that is what we have seen, but I
unfortunately forgot about what I had said. Anyway, this will be the final
week where oil could move up with volatility. From midday trading session of
Monday to Tuesday oil shall decline, while it will sharply rise on
Thursday and Friday. Short term traders should therefore keep this trading
pattern in mind.

One point for each trader to remember is that any higher prices to come will
only be for this week, after which a bear market will start in oil, and
prices will fall in the medium and longer term. The maximum that oil can
move on the higher side is around $95.70.


I do not want to write much about currencies, but just to say that one
should watch very closely. Keep my prediction in mind; that all currencies
except the Japanese yen will fall more than 40 percent or even 50 percent
and that this decline shall come from this week but for sure from 19 of
November. This week dollar index will gain from evening of Monday.


All our favorite stocks in alternative energy are on fire. I am a firm
believer that when something rises very shortly then it is time to book
profit, and this week is therefore the time to book profit in stocks which
have made gains of more than 200 or 300 percent. Solar and battery sector is
my favorite and it has performed very well. It is however now time to focus
on fuel cell and hydrogen stocks, and I shall soon send you the list. We
recommended a few stocks in Indian market and they went crazy, especially
Wallchand Nagar from 600 rupees to 8500 rupees; and yes, this is the right
time to exit from it.

My fasting is now over and I will put more focus on the newsletter once
more. I want to expand my newsletter by giving recommendations of companies
with very strong astrological charts.



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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 28 Oct,