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In current cycle this is what we stated in 2020 Financial Prophecies...also here are important trades are...TESLA toward $5000?

Dear Members,

I ma putting small part from Mondays Daily Flashnews.    

I am posting here what we mentioned in the book “2020 Financial prophecies” about the sixth cycle in the market sections:

Sixth Cycle: From the 1st of July to ….. 2020

Once again, this will be a very bullish cycle for the market, so stock and equity prices will gradually start moving higher. I strongly recommend start buying tech, financial, and biotech stocks. Some aggressive movements will come in these sectors, and if I am not mistaken in my readings of the Astro cycles, all the major global market will hit an all-time high. This is especially true for the US and India. Europe and Japan will also move higher, and China will also trade positively.

This is a fantastic cycle to make a great amount of money in tech and biotech stocks. Mining stocks will also gain handsome value during this period, so buy mining ETF’s like NUGT of JNUG. You can also by tech and biotech ETF’s like SOXY and LABU.

Since early this year I have been stating that the Chinese equity market will start moving sharply higher from the end of June 2020 and this prediction was proven very accurate. Chinese stocks are taking a strong lead from July 1st, and there are possibilities that the Chinese market will keep moving higher regardless issues with rest of world.

In the months March 2020 we predicted Nifty to bottom out around 8078 level and may test 10775 level in the one side rally which proven very accurate. Reliance Ind have been our favorite pick, lately we made prediction of it moving toward 2550 level so watch this Indian company closely.  Read our daily Indian letter careful if you are investing in Indian market.

Nasdaq moved from 6800 to 10800, and S&P from 2200 to 3200, in the last three and half months. Our book predicted mega rally in market from 23 March 2020, I think this was one of the best predictions we made lately. In 2009 on 26th Feb, we predicted global market to bottom out on 6 March 2009, this interview is there on website with CNBC contributor. I will never forget these two predictions because we astro cycle provided us date of turn around in the worst time of history when situations was so gloomy in 2009 Feb as well as 2020 March.

Our predictions of buying precious metals have been doing very well, Lithium stocks are now in our top pick so watch few lithium and gold/silver stocks. Must read e-car/Lithium and cannabis letter which we published last week. LIACF was top pick and it went from $0.80 to $1.72 and still it can double from here. At this stage base metals will follow precious metals.   

Watch grains and soft bottoming out in the next two weeks. Currency market to remain volatile but emerging market currencies can have big move specially Rand and Peso. Real and Rupee will fallow frontline currencies.

I still highly recommend reading last week weekly newsletter as it was most important piece, I have written about future coming which will going help you understanding future as well will help you making investment decisions. Our weekly newsletter of this week is important because TESLA can become most valuable stock in Wall-street, I don't know how many of you bought TESLA when we recommended at $32.00 and again last years around $200 with price target of $1000, $1500. Now we are targeting TESLA to move toward $5000 in the next three years. 

I think every investors must read one more what we mentioned on 18 July 2018 for Tesla and Elon Musk, I bow to astro cycle and wave of nature theory because of this Theory I was able to predict this ELON Musk and TESLA:

Watch our etfs recommendations because many time etfs help to simplify strategy because rather than putting money in one stock, you just buy whole sector which looks hot.

Thanks & God bless

Mahendra Sharma