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Today's Trade & News

I am in India since Mid March, here is this week letter to non subscriber to review..

Dear Members,


I am in a remote part of India where no internet facility is available and therefore unable to reply to any mails. I actually just drove about 70 miles to get to an internet facility, and managed to connect after several hours of struggle. As most of my members are aware, I come to India for my regular annual spiritual trip from mid March to mid April, and spend most of the time with my Guru. I shall be back in the USA in the second week of April.


This weekís newsletter will be brief, and shall not be able to send any update or alert.


Planetary combinations where Jupiter is getting retro and Mercury/Venus changing houses will result in major volatility in all markets including commodities. I however see a bull-run in metals, and oil may also start moving up though it could reach $45 once a fall starts from Thursday. Meanwhile, Jupiter should help the Dollar to start a new journey.


Let us now see what this week holds for the market.





Gold should start trading sideway on Monday and Tuesday, but one should take advantage of buying during any fall. This week the trading range for gold will be $673.80 to $650.80 (spot gold). Take advantage and buy if gold reaches $651. Next week we should see a sharp rising in gold prices and I therefore donít recommend remaining in sell position. This week we shall have a mixed trend ruling gold prices, but the overall medium term trend is upwards.




Gold is going towards $700 in a few weeks and one should therefore not get scared if gold falls for one or two days.



Gold and silver traded in the predicted range during last week. This week silver prices will remain weak or sideway for the first three days, but from Thursday a bull market will start. One can therefore buy during weakness.


The trading range for silver this week will be $13.14 to $13.48, if it close above $13.48 than next target is 13.78. From next week, silver should move up with all other metals.


Wednesday is a day for accumulation.


In metals I always write spot price so please donít get confuse.



This week copper will remain sideway, but retro Jupiter could once again push copper prices towards $400. After this week I will write on the future move of copper.



Planetary positioning indicates that both metals should remain frail during this week. Indeed, I donít see any bull market for these metals compared to gold, silver and copper. There is therefore no need to invest money in these metals at this time.



Last week all major stock indexes remained directionless. I donít recommend any of my members to hold buying position in stock indexes as well as in heavy weight stocks including pharmaceutical, financial, brokerages and technology.


One can however hold metals and alternative energy stocks.


Major markets will remain weak for this week and I recommend not putting any money in the market for the next seventy days if the market assumes a weak trend. This is because the weak trend should persist for more than two months.


Asian, European and the USA market will decline, and the fall could be more than twenty percent.



Last week bond prices remain weak, and they should remain weak for this week as well, therefore hold the short position for short-term (more than three weeks).      



Coffee prices came down last week, and it is a great buying opportunity. One should therefore buy coffee on Wednesday as prices will remain weak or sideway on Monday and Tuesday. Accumulate coffee around $109.


Cotton prices remained sideway, which is what we expected. Meanwhile, I recommend that my members buy cotton this week, since a bull market will start from Thursday. One should therefore be through with buying cotton by Wednesday.



Planetary movements have not at all been in favor of these soft commodities, which is why I have not been recommending buying them. We shall however buy sugar in the next two weeks but for the time being avoid any new position.


Lumber is in weak trend and should remain weak for this week as well.


Orange juice came down quite sharply and it should fall more than thirty percent by the end of the year. The high is over and one can therefore keep adding put options.



Last week grains remained weak as predicted and they should remain directionless for this week as well. One should therefore avoid any new investment.


Thursday will be very important days for grains; if they fall, then I see a sharp correction in the month of May. If they close up on Thursday and Friday, then one can expect historic high prices in the next sixty days. We should therefore closely watch Thursday very closely.


I shall write my final indications for grains in next weekís newsletter.



Last week oil remained positive and I was therefore wrong in my prediction. Thursday and Friday of this week shall also be very important for oil and if they remain positive, then I may change the short and medium term outlook. This is because closing up on Thursday and Friday could once again push oil prices toward $80. However, the chances of this occurring are minimal as oil will close weak on Wednesday and Thursday.


If oil closes weak on Thursday, this will push oil prices toward $45. RB gas and heating oil will also move down for more than thirty percent.


Before I can confirm 100%, I would like to first watch oil, grains and metal movements on Thursday and Friday. NEXT WEEKíS NEWSLETTER WILL SURELY BE AN IMPORTANT ONE AS I BELIEVE IN TRADING WITH THE NEW TREND.



According to me and my theory, a BULL MARKET of the dollar has already started, and this actually started two weeks back. Many may be surprised about this statement, but the reason is that Jupiter is fighting against negative forces, and I saw one planet fighting against five. In the end the five lose, and it will therefore be very interesting to watch the ensuing scenario.


I have been restraining myself from predicting a major bull market in metals because the rise of the dollar may initially bring uncertainty in metals. In the long-term however, I SEE THEM BOTH WALKING TOGETHER.




In conclusion, Thursday will be final day and than after bull market will start in the dollar. BUY THE DOLLAR WITHOUT HESITATION AND IGNORE ALL ANALYSTS TALKING OF A WEAK TREND.


Next week newsletter will be very important one for all markets.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 31 March 2007