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I am in India - UPDATE on metals, oil, grains, coffee, cotton, sugar and currencies

Dear Members,
Metals have came down sharply Tuesday, You must have bought some position in weakness as recommended. As per my weekly newsletter I was excepting weakness in silver early this week that is why I recommended buying silver on Thursday so take position in it now. Don't worry for metals if dollar start rising as dollar has to rise. BUY METALS AND HEDGE THE POSITION WITH BUYING US DOLLAR AND I AM SURE IN COMING DAY THIS WILL BE PROVEN A GREAT TRADE.
ONCE AGAIN - Thursday is buying day for silver, gold, US dollar, Yen
and sell European currencies, Canadian dollar as well as Australian dollar as this is life time opportunity to sell these currencies.
We recommended buying Oil on Tuesday on weakness and those who have bought can hold the position until middle day of Friday. 
Buy cotton, coffee and Sugar.
Grains to remain weak or side-way.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma