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Here is this week, I am warning..don't trade with emotion..

Dear Friends,

Here is this week newsletter.


Dear Members,

Gold and silver’s moves during the last week confirmed that they have an uncertain future. As predicted, oil, natural gas and unleaded gas rapidly slipped, with the stock market also going down and having a most volatile mood. Let me once again remind you my often repeated warning or mantra that I have been giving for the last six months; “2005, 2006 and 2007 will be a most unpredictable period in the history of financial markets that includes currencies, all major commodities and world stock markets”. I have previously said that for this period, we shall be riding within a hidden or blind wave where most experts, known chartists and analysts as well as market pundits shall make critical errors in their advice as well as in the trading market. This may severely cost many individual investors’, financial institutions, hedge funds and banks, and some will be faced with the possibility of close down the operation.


I therefore caution that you trade carefully and try to understand the wave of nature and what is in its favour. It is not an attempt to promote myself or my work when I say that I always sound a warning anytime that I am not happy with the outlook in some area and that in the long run, I am usually proven correct 99% of the time.


I have been sharing details of some of my trading with you, for instance buying the dollar index and shorting oil, getting into and out of coffee and grains as well as zero investment in metal areas. I shall continue to share this kind of information with you even in future. There is a reason for doing this because I not just advising you but same time I am also making the decisions on investments. I don’t believe in just advising, I also follow I write. Many people just advise and on that I remember a book, which I read 1986 – called “Nashihut”, which means “Advise”. The book explains how cheap and easy it is to find all manner of advice. For instance, when you fall ill and you are bed-ridden, friends and relatives who call or visit you will offer all kinds of advice about what you should do or shouldn’t do in order to get well. Though well intentioned, it doesn’t matter whether they themselves follow what they prescribe or not.  When a husband and wife are having marital problems, their neighbours, relatives and friends will advise them on what to do. This is regardless of how huge the problems are in their own relationships and family life.


What I am simply trying to say is that you should avoid confusion by remaining focussed and not listen to too many voices. Reading too much and taking heed of a lot of conflicting information will just perplex you. The right thing to do is to get time to contemplate and plan for the future. In case you have been making mistakes, be still and carefully try to read your inner self to discover where you went wrong. Time or nature will guide you. This is what I have been doing and I am fortunate to be guided by “astrology”, which is 100% linked to nature. After years of hard work, today I am happy to say that in last six months more than 88% of my new members are now funds, financial institutions and big investors as well as top banks. So keep focus and I will try to give you overall picture.


Many of you and other followers have been asking when I intend to launch my fund. Well, this will happen soon before the end of year 2005.


Let’s see what this week is indicating in the unpredictable world financial market.


Predictions for 2 May to 6 May 2005



Last week gold remained in range as predicted but the up and down movements came on different days. It does not inspire confidence when something goes down on a positive day and goes up on a negative one. I therefore cannot predict a strong upward move as time is making fools of us. I therefore advise that you stay away from any long term buying position.


During this week, Monday will be the weak day for gold, Tuesday will remain positive, whereas it will move on both sides come Wednesday. Any downward trend can therefore be taken as a buying opportunity, while Friday down, so should be taken as a selling opportunity, such that you won’t be carrying any position into next week.


The current time is still directionless for gold. Therefore consider carefully before you put your hard earned money into it. I am still waiting for the right timing before I give you the alert to buy. June should be for gold while silver will also strongly move up during next month.


I am sure that you must have sold gold as advised on last Friday. Though it is trading above the important astrological support ($428.80), it still looks weak to me until it breaks $439.20.


DON'T BUY GOLD DURING THIS WEEK IF IT TRADE BELOW $428.80 because it can fall very sharply.



Silver has broken an important astrological support of $7.11 (which I indicated in last week’s newsletter). Until it crosses this level once more, it will remain directionless or down. Don’t therefore trade in it with big quantities.


Wait till it crosses $7.11.


Overall this week will remain directionless.




My simple advice is that you should NOT involve yourself with cooper and platinum. Indeed, one can short them.



During last week as predicted, the fall of 10% came while crude oil, unleaded gas, heating oil and natural gas went down. I am happy to disclose that major oil traders are following my work with keen interest.


For the last two months I have been warning concerning oil stocks and advised not to buy them and selling. Last week that advice was proven correct. Well, it may still be too early, but let’s just wait and see.


This week’s outlook for the oil sector is that it will be directionless or very volatile.  Do not therefore buy any oil, gas or stocks; hold your selling positions.



Coffee prices remained weak last week. My advice for this week is that you wait and watch.



Cotton prices will remain very volatile this week. Buyers should therefore book profit here and wait for my buying call.



This week cocoa prices should remain stable. One can however add a small quantity into it.



I see a rebound in stocks during this week. So, cover short on Monday Nevertheless, you should get out from all high value stocks at high price. I had warned that steel, oil and basic material stocks would collapse and indeed they are. Don’t buy thinking that they have fallen too much.


Beware for I see all sectors falling quite sharply.



I am sure traders must have sold their holdings in bonds around 115 during the last week as recommended. For this week, wait and watch but don’t buy any new position or one can add short.



This week one should accumulate corn and wheat from Thursday but in small quantity. I see good period is coming for grains from 10 May 2004 so one can add more around that period.



The dollar index will trade within the trading range during this week, and will close sharply up on Friday’s (close being above last week’s close). All other currencies will remain directionless and will continue moving down.


I am not at all excited about talk of Yuan revaluation and I don’t know you Yen and other currencies went up on Friday. They are telling to sell them.


My recommendation is that one should accumulate the dollar index if it goes to $84.    


Important Note:

Please don't forward newsletter to other people or your friends because this is only for you. Let them subscribe. Doing this you will support my work.


You are keeping faith in me and I do same.


I am currently holding:

Dollar index (Bought at $81)

Short on Euro (started shorting at $134) 

Short on oil (sold at $57 and at $52, always buying below $50 but soon not)

Short Bonds ($115)

Also short in unleaded gas and heating oil at high

Buying small qty grains- corn, wheat, soybean, soy-meal and soy-oil

Coffee- started buying at $65 and sold at $136, bought again at $112 and sold around $130 and waiting to buy again.

Out from matels


It has been confirmed time and again that gains can be unlimited when you trade with the wave of nature. Here is this week's newsletter, whose cost per day is equivalent to what one spends on coffee.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 30 April 2005