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Here is small update and small part of weekly newsletter from this week newsletter:..

Dear Members,

Five predictions are on track:

·      We predicted big positive news regarding Vaccine to come out between 5th November to 21st November 2020. On Monday we got news from Pfizer about Vaccine showing 90% promising results.

·      We also predicted regardless whoever wins the market would keep moving higher and this proved accurate as well.

·      We also predicted that positive news of Vaccine may bring a huge rally in Cruise Line, Airline, Casino, travel, rental car, and hotel stocks. Yesterday many stocks from these sectors moved higher between 20 to 40%.

·      We are also predicted that working from home stocks and NASDAQ may have short term selling pressure after Vaccine news, we saw on Monday this happening.

·      Two weeks back when S&P was at 3251, we also predicted S&P testing 3597 in the second week of November and Monday this also proved accurate.

·      We also mentioned that gold may have sharp corrections on Vaccine news that also happened on Monday.

·      Still Gold rally is pending so get ready to buy in coming time, we also predicted that Gold may not close below $1843 level so watch this prediction closely.

Still we are holding our predictions of S&P testing 3800 in 2020 which we predicted on 23rd March 2020 when S&P was around 2230.

Many of our earning recommended stocks are performing well, our two favorite vaccine stocks (BNTX and MRNA) are performing well, a lot of upside is pending yet. Still LLY, JNJ, TBIO can move higher from current levels.

Here is small part from this weeks weekly newsletter:

Weekly Newsletter from 9-13 November

President Biden… new era for equity market is starting but watch Vaccine news as Jupiter will try to bring it around 21 November…



Dear Members,

Picture 1Today I was trying to analyze my own work and the results came back remarkably interesting as our advice for the equity market has proven very right. Our non-stop buying recommendation from March 2020 guided traders very well and those who don’t have any clue either remained on the sidelines or many went short or closed all long positions and were never able to buy back due to fear.

Under three uncertain scenario’s we were able to guide our members accurately, and that matters the most because overall the directional trend is important for any investor to make money. After 9/11 when we recommended buying aggressive longs in the market in March 2003, then after the burst of the housing bubble we were able predict the markets move on the 5th of March 2009, and under pandemic situations we able to predict that the market will bottom out at 2200 on the 22nd of March 2020.

Many members said, Mahendra you have saved us from losing a lot of money by not being on the wrong side of the market. I think this means lot, it is always important for investors to not lose money, and that can only happen by not going in wrong side.

The rally in the global equity market from 22nd March 2020 to the 6th of November 2020 provided great returns if investors remained invested in our recommended stocks, ETF’s, and indexes.

Now the election has ended, Biden is the next President of the US. Many were worried that Trump losing the election could create panic selling in the market as predicted. The markets will move higher sharply regardless of who wins the elections because the astro combinations are so positive that they won’t allow the markets to fall. This simple advice helped investors.

I am very blessed because most of our members are very learned people from the financial industry, they are experts in the financial market. They are big guys with big teams, and they know how to manage money and which trade to take. Surely, they have added our theory to their investment and trading strategy which made them unique. We aware that our one strong recommendation moves billions of dollars in that direction, so we know how much money follows our predictions.

Biden winning will surely help the alternative energy sector so this sector will do well for the next four years. More stimulus packages will come, small and medium size businesses will get great support from the Biden administration so this will start picking up from the ground level.

On the other hand, as mentioned in this year’s book “2020 Financial Prophecies” the current astro cycle is very positive for the global market and this cycle will end on the 20th of November 2020. After that the final cycle will start for the market. This Year’s book prediction for the stock market was so accurate that I couldn’t believe that this accuracy could take place, it looks like nature was writing those predictions, I was just typing. The Stock market prediction section from the book came true like real “Prophecies” which is mysterious for many that how I able to predict every move in market one year in advance.

Now the markets are approaching an all-time high and we still believe that S&P can test 3800 in 2020. Also, the Vaccine good news is pending, and this can arrive in the next two weeks before Jupiter changes from Sagittarius to Capricorn. These are two important predictions which we need to watch closely.

Globally equity market performed very well. Metals performed very well last week, and they will act positively this week.

Dollar Index lost value, but we still don’t see a major bear market in the USD in the coming time. In early 2020 we mentioned that emerging market currencies will adopt a unique trend against most of the frontline currencies, and that is what we started witnessing from middle of 2020. Look at the performance of South African Rand and Mexican Peso. Rupee also gained value and from last week Brazilian Real bottomed out. A new era is starting in the currency market so let me write in detail the predictions for most of the areas in the below individual sections.


Watch the important support & resistance as well weekly outlook for this week (9th – 13th Nov 2020), for metals, indexes, currencies, energy, grains, softs and bond:

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma