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Today's Trade & News

Gold, silver, and EV Era on the way...Indian market Nifty. Bank Nifty and Indian stocks recommendations doing amazingly well for investors..

Dear Members,

On Tuesday gold and silver rebounded strongly as predicted. It was the most important astro day and we are very pleased to see both these precious metals respected astro indicators. We predicted that Tuesday would be a do or die situation for gold and silver, and they must move higher from USA trading hours and they did. It looks like that short term bear market which started in Gold and silver around 14 June 2021 officially ended two weeks back, and yesterday's trend confirms that now they will follow astro indicators very respectfully.

Jupiter change was very important for precious metals and now expect an upward trend from here, also they will close in green on Wednesday so we recommend staying long on Wednesday or follow our daily trading ranges as mentioned in the Daily Flash News or Metals letter.

I always talk about how much USA investors made money by following our stock recommendations in the last 25 years but I hardly talk about the amazing success rate in Indian stocks reports in the last 9 years since we started Daily Indian letter on request from many Indian investors. I personally did very well from 1996 to 2000 investing in Indian software stocks in which I made my first money from $15000 to a few millions dollars, it was a unique era and the astro cycle gave us indications and we simply followed it. We bought Satyam Com 15.00 and sold at 5975, SSI bough at 29.80 and sold at 11170 and BFL soft bought at 59.00 and sold at 1900 and MASTEK bought at 1708 and sold at 5700. Now many stocks we recommending which may move five to ten times in the next two years as they will unlock great value. Few example of last year we recommended buying High Energy batt at 400 and now 2000, Optiemus at 45.00 and now it is trading around 300, Bharat Immu recommended at 11.00 and test 90.00 and list goes on from Reliance, Laurus Lab, Graphite, HEG, Deepak Nitr, Balaji Amin, Bharat Rashayan, Venus Remm, Tata Elxsi, Dixon etc. Last years we predicted nifty to bottom out at 7880, and testing 18000 in 2021.

If you invest in INDIAN market and if you can afford our Indian letter then you must follow our Daily Indian letter as stocks have been providing multi fold returns and I am also amazed with moves in these recommendations. We must have recommended around 100 stocks in the last one years and most of them moved up more than 200% percent, many doubled even in one quarter time. Many respected investment firms are our members and we are very humble to see how investors adopted astro cycle theory. Anyway I leave decisions to you whether to subscribe to that service or not, but my view takes advantage of our ongoing current accuracy, makes money and must help the needy or people around you. 

Sun will be changing houses tomorrow which is a bit important but our main focus is on the market and precious metals. Surely semiconductors are performing well and they will more than double in the next one year. EV and battery areas doing well. Battery material stocks like Lithium, Graphite, Nickel and Cobalt performing well but Lithium to do very well. Lately Uranium stocks or etf URNM, lithium etf LIT, Semiconductor etf SOXL and Baltic Index or shipping stocks have been flying so keep close watch. 

I still hold our predictions of S&P toward 4808, gold $2300 and silver $38.88 level to achieve. Metals and markets will walk together.

Grains held support around mentioned lower levels and they rebounded on Tuesday as predicted. Watch our lower side buying levels.

Cotton to make big move, expecting 15% rise.  

Natural gas predictions done very well, we recommended buying Gas three months back at $2.45 with a target of $5.37 which may be achieved today. Oil will achieve a higher side target of $71.37 and after that we need to watch three days.

Very interesting astro time cycle is starting from 11 October 2021. Follow our weekly and daily letter to reveal tomorrow, next week and next year's trend.

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma