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Gold prediction and official launching of 2004 World & Financial Prophecies..

Dear Friends,
The first official media launch went through very successfully in my home country.
Gold is trading at around $409. Many technical analysts are predicting a three to four week downward trend soon but my astrological theory and calculations say something different.Both today and Monday are very important days for gold and silver to remain positive or close positively in New York trading. Both days are weak and negative for metals and if in this battle Jupiter wins, then gold will definitely touch $422 next week.
For the stock market, my predictions have not been coming right for the last eight weeks. But I know that the negative period has already started for the USA stock markets and they could go down anytime. I still hold that the stock markets will go down 500-700 points in two weeks time.
Those who have received the book must be enjoying reading it. If you have any views or comments, please feel free to express them and communicate via email.
NOTE: Every one who buys a copy of my book 2004 WORLD & FINANCIAL PROPHECIES, should register on my website and I shall be sending you quarterly reviews at no charge. My only request is that you let your friends and acquaintances buy their own copies. The information contained in the book is invaluable and most importantly, part of the proceeds from the book will go towards supporting HIV/AIDS children in Africa.
Please send me your views, comments, suggestions and reactions concerning my book.
Thanks and God Bless,
Mahendra Sharma.