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Gold and US Dollar, Market to collapse. I will be in RSA -083-2381414..

Dear Friends,

Knowing of future trends well in advance is very interesting. But it also scares me when predicting against trend, expectations or against the chart. Thanks to astrology, most of the times, the long-term predictions have come out the way that I saw. Since the middle of last week (till today morning), I have been guiding my newsletter members to sell the Euro and other currencies against the US dollar. I know that I am speaking in the opposite manner and that for the first time in two years I am favoring the dollar (but only for the short term period).


It will also be very interesting to watch the fight between gold and the US dollar because many people declared to me that if the dollar gains, then gold will definitely go down. Even last year, I told them that it would be especially interesting to watch from 15th February to 15th March 2004 when this relationship of gold going down versus the dollar going up would break. This will occur any time during this week or the next and is in the process of taking place. May this week gold will touch low of 2004 (means again we won’t see this prices) and will bounce back strongly next week. Whenever I predict something, it is not that everything will happen all at once or that destiny changes instantaneously. It starts that day, fluctuates for a few days and then settles down. This is what I am expecting.


Change of planetary movements which will attempt to influence peoples’ minds. After 5 or 10 days, a few currency analysts and fund managers will suddenly come forward on CNBC or Bloomberg and speak out. They will also proudly predict of a strong dollar. I have been very fortunate to see and predict these things well in advance through the hidden science of astrology.


The final note is to sell the Euro, the Swiss Franc, the South African Rand and the Australian dollar. For the Japanese Yen hold at the 107.50 to 109 mark. At that level, one can invest in the Yen because after that it will take a U-turn and soon approach 100 or below 100. During this year it will go below 80 against US Dollar.


If you have read my book especially on the South African Rand, I mentioned on page 91 that; the Rand would gain against the Dollar up to 6.51 and that it could go up to 5.90 before 15 February 2004 if it broke this level three times. However, this did not happen, meaning that the only way now for the South African Rand is to go down and soon during next week it will cross 7 marks against Dollar. This will be final week for strong Rand prices for 2004.


For the last one and a half months, predictions of weak stock markets have been coming wrong and it has been trading between 10500 to 10700. The bull people cannot fight with the energy waves or planet power for long, which I clearly see starting from the 23rd February. This testing stage will remain till 8th March. Within this period, the DOW JONES industrial average, S&P, and NASDAQ could fall from 5 to 8% in the month of March. If this happens, then I am sure of the fulfilment of my long-term prediction of markets drastically falling by more than 4000 points for DOW in the year 2004. I know that at the moment, hardly anybody believes this prediction but it will soon happen before 1st quarter of 2005. I am stating with confidence that the most powerful predictions on metal, currencies and stock markets will be proven right. My readers and followers will be witness to this.


If I come out wrong concerning the stock market in the March predictions, then I will take a break for six months or one year and not predict on the stock markets to see where I was going wrong. But I still have confidence that my work will be vindicated in the month of March.


I recommended on 1st of Jan for 2004:


SILVER (My favorite metal for 2004, which will give to many new millionaires)













Written on 19th Feb 2004



Small note from this week newsletter 23 to 27 Feb:

You may be a trifle surprised to receive the newsletter this early, the reason for this being that I shall be in South Africa (Cell-083-2381414) for two days.


Last week especially Friday was very confusing with gold breaking two important astrological support levels of $409 and $404. At the time of writing the newsletter for last week I was unable to see this drastic fall. I expected gold to make a lower bottom of $409 for this year but instead, it made a bottom of $394.


I did the appropriate research and found that two things went wrong. One is that I made a mistake by indicating $409 as the lower level for gold this year because gold has already gone down to $394. The correct figure that I should have given is therefore $394. Secondly, on Friday the full moon played a very crucial role in creating a panic in the gold prices. Otherwise predictions about the gaining dollar, oil rising, the uncertainty in stock markets and the rise of silver (early in the week it went up to $6.84) are on track. Overall, my astrological readings for the world financial markets are on course and I am therefore not too worried regarding Friday’s downward trend in gold prices. In fact I advised to buy metal and metal stocks those who were asking me on Friday what to do next, and they bought. Few email I received for thanks because metal stocks went up after metal market closed.


After doing all the necessary calculations I can say that Friday’s corrections were very healthy. This panic will not only inject a new life in gold but into other metals as well. My message to those who sold gold and metals on Friday is that they will soon regret if they fail to buy back on Monday. Buying opportunity like Friday they never come again and again.


Thanks & God Bless