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Today's Trade & News

Gold and silver are moving as predicted, markets are on oil, gas, corn, soy and coffee...

Dear Members,

On Tuesday USA and European markets moved aggressively as predicted. On Wednesday we recommended booking profit on higher but not recommending shorting positions. Watch S&P level 3129 level closely. Emerging markets can move higher but read our weekly newsletter carefully.

Buy bet on Gold and silver proven great bet on Tuesday, today is time to acquire on lower side mentioned level in daily flashnews as mega move is on the way so great money-making time is on the way. Read our weekly newsletter. This week great time to take bet on mining stocks.

Oil prices will trade both side on Wednesday so higher sides selling is recommended. Time to book some profit in Gas around 1.88 level.

Grains moved aggressively higher, they have finally bottomed out as predicted, now great time to bet on grains and coffee. Coffee is ready to move 25% higher. Buy sugar as well. 

Today is great day buy some aggressive long in Mexican peso, South African Rand and Brazilian Real. 

FDX and BA, these two stocks recommendations done well, apart from our bet on Biotech and tech stocks. Covid-19 stocks, and best stocks during the pandemic time stocks have done amazingly well. Stay and hold long positions to create wealth rather than trying to trade these stocks. I always believe in longer term investment in stocks so plan your investment strategy accordingly.  

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma