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From: "2008-09 World & Financial Prophecies" on Pervez Musharraf..

Dear Friends,

Two Key predictions fulfiled:


I would like to put a brief here from Pakistan chapter in my book "2008-09 World & Financial Prophecies" page 77 & 78 and Cuba Prediction from page 64. Many has aware that Castro has resigned after launching my book in Feb 2008.



Saturn is moving into the eighth house from its original place in Cubaís birth chart, and this indicates that Fidel Castro will soon lose power and the country will have a new leader. In my 2004 book, I mentioned that Castro would have health problems that would rule him out of politics, and that is exactly what we saw in 2007. Any time in 2008, I do not see Castro in charge of the country.


Indications are that a new era will dawn for Cuba Any time in 2008 when I see a dynamic leader taking charge of the country. The background of the new leader will be quite ordinary and he will have the respect of all Cubans due to his humble background. The country will be on a progressive path under the new leadership and sanctions against Cuba will be lifted. With time, the country will attain greater standing and recognition in the international community.


On Pakistan from page 77 & 78 from current book.



One time when I was in Kenya, I had a telephone conversation with army Chief Pervez Musharraf and I told him that he would come into power around the month of October 1999.


As we all know, Pakistan is planning to hold elections in early 2008, but I donít see much significance for whoever will be in power because he will be unable to rule for long. There will be serious terrorist problems in Pakistan and in five years the country will be in the grip of extremists. No matter how many billions of Dollars the USA sends to fight terrorism in the country, this will still happen.


I have made several predictions in the past about geo-political events in various countries as well as individuals, and I can tell you that other than Iraq, Pakistan is the other country that could plunge into civil war and eventually divide into separate parts. I do not know how many more days Pervez Musharraf has to rule over Pakistan, but one thing is certain; he does not have much time left, may be few weeks or months of 2008.


I previously predicted a short stretch of good relations between India and Pakistan and prosperity for Pakistan from 2003 to 2006, but that period ended in the middle of 2007. Unfortunately, the destiny of Pakistan will now pull the country into darkness and the country will have major economic and social setbacks in the next two years. The stock market and local currency will drastically lose value against major world currencies.


Some people may assume that I write negatively about Pakistan because I am from India, but nothing could be further from the truth. My previous books in 2003 and 2004 were optimistic about Pakistan, because that is what astrology showed. Time has now come for a different outlook and I have to present it faithfully and without emotion.


I do not recommend investing in Pakistan as local authorities will be unable to protect life and public interest. The government will also fail in its bid to overcome terrorists and the country will be generally chaotic. We pray that the country will be able to emerge from the negativity as soon as possible and the people of Pakistan will enjoy safety and happiness.


All from current book page 77 & 78

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma