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Friday - Stock Market, metals and Soybean...

Dear Friends,
Yesterday Gold went up to $392 but came down and close around $383 because of strong growth report. This was external impact which can't last for more than 24 hours. So today metal has to move up fast, and stock can have very strong rally. 
Still my astrological calculation indicates that even after strong growth report, stock market will go down, metal will up and soon cross $400 in next week as predicted.
Soybean touched yesterday $804, now looks sudden downward is coming soon and price may go downside to $545.
Euro, Pound and Japanese Yen looks very strong, another buying opportunity even at this level.
Thanks & God Bless
Market and world prediction for this week
Dear Members,
Once again I apologise for not giving predictions for the last two days. Now bad time is already over so here are predictions from 29th to 31st Oct:
World events:
On Mondays email I said that two (Monday and Tuesdays) are bad for world especially Iraq. On Mondays attack in Iraq many died and fire in USA creating havoc. Next three days are also not good.
Sign of fire is not good in any house, factory, country or even our own cloths. Fire in California is giving negative sign to me for USA, In terms of safety and negative point I see:
1. Currency (US$) can collapse against other currencies, like after burning paper it doesn't have any value because its turn into ash.
2. I have seen in news that many house burn, that is clear indications of insecurity, or small kind of attack or big accident in USA or against USA interest.  
3. Billions of dollar losses because of fire, indicates any big scandal and stock market will collapse.
4. Fire in USA as a country, indicates bad period of ruler or king of nation.
5. In fire many small insect die, indicates sign of new disease or poison.
This sign is from nature, and from one of the five key elements. Fire is ruled by Mars, planet of war. I will soon write on this fire again.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma