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Every investors must read 2-6 May weekly newsletter part is each line carefully...2022 Financial Predictions books 4th cycle for markets...


Dear Members,

Here small part from the first sections of this week’s weekly newsletter from 2-6 May 2022, each line and paragraphs are important to go through it carefully. We included the fourth cycle book predictions from 4th April to 15 May in this weekly letter. This cycle can guide what the rest of 2022 will do from here onward.

Weekly Newsletter from 2-6 May      


This is one of the most important letters I am writing in a few years…each line and paragraphs are important in the first sections so go through it carefully…



Dear Members,   

I have been doing a financial Astro cycle study for the last 35 years but this is the first time we are standing at the most confusing juncture where I would like to get through the next two weeks asap because for the first time in history so many planets changed their houses within the time frame of three weeks and we were concerned about these changes and same concern we expressed in our book “2022 Financial Predictions” when we were writing in October 2021.


I would like to watch the next two weeks’ trends very carefully because things are happening as mentioned in the book for the financial markets, as well as commodity markets, which are looking very vulnerable. Though I never change my predictions for the longer term, I am still not changing my prediction of Nasdaq moving to 50000 in the next six years, and silver at $75 in the next few years. But let’s first revisit what we mentioned in our book “2022 Financial Predictions” in the stock market section, under the month cycles for the markets on pages 24, 25:


Fourth cycle:


From the 5th of April 2022 to the 14th of May 2022:


This is one of the most important times for the Market, Global Geopolitics, and the common man as there will be major Astro changes taking place during this period. Jupiter will change its house from Aquarius to Pisces; Saturn will be changing its house from Capricorn to Aquarius; and the North Node will be changing its house from Taurus to Aries. I haven’t witnessed these kinds of big changes in my career because all the major longer-term planets are changing their houses one by one throughout the month. These changes will surely bring a bigger fight in the market because every planet will try to prove their point and demonstrate what they can do in the new house, as well as what their future role will be.

I strongly recommend not trading anything aggressively during this phase. If the markets are falling, then let them fall. If the markets are rising then let them rise, because we may see that major volatility will be witnessed during this period. Sharp rises and corrections will be witnessed. Policy makers (Politicians and Central Banks) won’t have a clue about what to do on important issues, so remain aware as this can bring some uncertainty.

During this cycle, I will recommend taking aggressive long positions in mining stocks and ETFs as they will outperform the rest of the sectors. I will recommend waiting patiently and watching the behavior pattern of the market and the world at large once these changes take place, so watch the market closely from the 1st of May to the 14th of May. All these planets will be changing their respective houses by the 29th of April, so whatever happens by the end of this period is the trend we will see throughout the rest of 2022.

Astro cycles are amazing tools that can tell us far in advance about what is coming, and you can see that this we mentioned seven months back when we were writing a book. Many great investors and intellectual people love our work, many of them are subscribers for over two to three decades nonstop because they like to see a glimpse of the future through our work which helps them plan their own strategies as per their requirements.  

When I was writing this book there was no war between Russia/Ukraine, the markets were moving higher nicely, and things were looking very stable, but then suddenly changes came when all the major planets came closer to changing the Zodiac houses, which clearly indicates how nature and the Astro cycle changes things and play with human behavior and force them to make decisions either by bringing fear or excitement.  

My recommendations about what to do from here till the end of 2022!

Out of the above sections, one line is the most important, and that is the last line which is making me nervous: “All these planets will be changing their respective houses by the 29th of April, so whatever happens by the end of this period is the trend we will see throughout the rest of 2022.”.

Markets have been falling since this cycle started, now all major planets finished changing houses on 29th April, which is good news. Saturn changing on 29th April created major panic and left the house on Friday, now more than 12 days are pending in this cycle which could bring a turnaround so let's wait. Now, from this week….Subscribe to read the complete letter with detailed weekly predictions of metals, indexes, currencies, energy, grains, softs, bonds, & Crypto…

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma