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Era of gold, silver, on other hand oil and market...

Dear Members,

I keep delving deeper into the Astro cycle study to understand the coming time with Corona, the world economy, and the financial markets. My members are looking for a clear answer or at least a vague picture of future from me. I always try to my best to portray a picture of the future, but 2020 came with really big challenges for us, for all humankind, scientist, Doctors, tech companies, the corporate world, Governments, and all other authorities. Among all this is political stress with a few nations.

It is very interesting to see that out book “2020 Financial Prophecies” says that the USA and China tensions would rise in the fourth cycle which started on the 6th May and will end on the 15th of June 2020. So far it looks like when I was writing the Indexes section, I saw and was able to predict very accurately about the global equity markets.

If I start writing about the Astro cycle combinations here, then even fifty to a hundred pages won’t be enough to explain what is happening. I simply write about the trend, which is frankly the most important thing for you as you make trading and investment decisions on our recommended outlook.

Few points I would like to reveal here:


1.    I have predicted many global events since the age of 16, but let me be very honest that the current Astro combinations are so complex that if we are not very careful then leaders, investors, or the common man could make big mistakes because for us it looks like we are all walking into the darkness. I am getting concerned about Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, with Jupiter moving retro in Sagittarius and joining back with the South Node.

     It is a challenging time for the world because Jupiter will enter Sagittarius on the 30th of JUNE 2020 and will remain in Sagittarius until end of November 2020. It will remain in retro positions until the 23rd of September 2020, but after that it will bless the world between the 23rd of September to the 27th of November 2020. During this period the Dark cloud could take over world will start disappearing and the world will have a Vaccine and medication during this period. We expected some good news from Vaccine or Drug to come out around 15 May 2020 but that didn't happened. Which means that June to September still world will try to find way to open up with all kinds of measures, but world will be 100% safe after the 23rd of September 2020. I have tried my best to study and we shall see whether this prediction to gets fulfilled. I can predict get ready to spend Christmas time with family and friends, you will be able to travel 100% without any fear and Corona virus will be 100% curable. I don’t see any great news till the end of June 2020, but surely great hope will start from the 1st of July 2020 onwards, and as predicted Corona will be treated 100% by the last week of November

Gold has been moving higher from $1281 level which was our buying level last year, and this year we already predicted prices above $2000. Ten years back we predicted that gold may test $5000 before it crashes, so let’s see whether that period has started or not. Silver will follow gold at this stage, so follow our weekly newsletter predicted higher side prices closely. Most of you are aware that I recommend not to invest in mining stocks in metals between 2012 to 2018 and we saved investors from losing their fortunes. We do not love or hate anything in the market, we just predicted what we see in our theory.  

Oil moved higher from $9.55 as predicted last month with a price target of $27.71 and $33.65; $27.71 was already achieved last week. Three weeks back everyone was scared to touch oil, but we recommended buying at $9.55.

USA market is moving higher as predicted from 23rd March nonstop, and if USA market doesn’t get weakened during the next negative cycle then a rally may take the market beyond any ones imaginations. I have been recommending not to short USA stocks and Indexes. Avoid the rest of global markets, and European markets may try to follow USA market.

Take advantage of our current accuracy which is amazing so plan your day trading and investment strategies following our theory or include our theory in your trading strategy which will give you a huge edge against everyone. We just released “Market Update and News” sections, you can subscribe to that section at $155 if you wish to:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma