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Electric car, lithium and clean energy stocks list...era just got birth and long way to go...

Dear Members,

EV and Clean Energy stock report created history since the last report. Clean Energy, EV, Battery technology, and Mining stocks are on fire. I am sure traders must have allocated some money in these above-mentioned areas.

We saw this Era beginning, and this is just the starting point, a lot to happen in the next ten years so a great amount of money could be made in the coming time. You need to trust our predictions as that is the most crucial part. In the last thirty Years we have noticed that the large crowd always gets excited about our prediction because to them they sound impossible, which leads to them doubting them, but in the long term they have always come true. Look at the prediction of the beginning of the Electric car era that we made in 2011, Oil era to end 2015, bull market to start from 2009, Gold era to start in 2001, and list goes on. When S&P was at 2200 last year, who thought that it may move towards 3800? We predicted that this would happen during 2020. I am not trying to boost myself; I am just trying to build some confidence in you, so that you can take these trades on our predictions that you believe won’t come true.

Look at our Tesla call to buy between $140 to $180, we believed that it would move fifty-folds, we believed that it would even test $5000, and now it is close to this number (current price are after spilt). $800 call was available in few dollars which went to a few thousand dollars.

Last month most EV stocks went higher, and clean energy stocks also gained value. We have been recommending buying lithium, graphite, cobalt, and nickel stocks as they play a key role in the battery industry. LIT etf of lithium has been on fire. It has already moved 400% higher, and a lot is still pending.   

Many of EV stocks are moving aggressively higher and surely, we need to be extra careful because whenever any euphoria take place in one specific sector then many small companies enter the market with great future prospects or in other word bogus companies, so you need to be very careful when choosing stocks. Solar, clean energy, hydrogen, Fuel cell, Plug-in, and EV stocks are on fire. No doubt that these stocks hold a great future but at this stage our focus is more on mining stocks, especially lithium mining because they are entering a new bull era. This bull market has just been born, it will enter its youth, teen, adult, matured, and then finally bullish or euphoric trend.

Our most of recommended stocks from clean energy like TSLA, WHKS, JKS, SEDG, LAC, PLUG, BLDP, FCEL, LAC, PLL and many other stocks from lithium, to electric car to solar to clean energy stocks created history. They made investors so rich that lotto even looks small against fortune people made in these stocks. Chances of hitting lotto is very rare, out 100 millions one guy hit jackpot but these stocks provided returns to everyone who invested.

Good news: We are conforming that we will try to send a small update a few times in a week on these sectors (Lithium, clean energy, EV) because these stocks are multiplying in value very quickly, so we need to remain alert.

There is always reason whenever we start something and today I am happy that two years back I started electric letter along with clean energy, mining stocks and Cannabis stocks. Though Cannabis stocks failed to attract investors due to federal policy but soon that will get resolve.  

So, let’s talk about EV, Lithium, graphite stocks as they are in my favorite buying list at this stage.

I am sure you must have bought “2021 Financial Prophecies book”, This book will take you to in journey to see future, to experience future, you may feel and may able to touch future and then this book will bring you back to present to allow you make decisions. It has been most interesting era for people those who have been following our since many decades.

I am sure every penny you spend on our work is worth 100 times. I don’t need to sell my work but I always talk about my work because it is part of nature and nature has been very kind to give us glimpse of future so we must appreciate and humbly thanks.   

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Mahendra Sharma