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Today's Trade & News

Metals, markets and NFLX traded as predicted...interesting era is starting for markets and metals so plan your trading carefully in 2023....

Dear Members,

I am sure most of must have finished reading the “2023 Financial Predictions” book and must have started making trading decisions. I don’t know how convenience investors but if you believe in our predictions of the extreme bull market in equity and gold then must buy “2023 Financial Predictions”. Even if those who believe that there will be a bear market then also this book will give you reasons why you shouldn’t make bearish decisions. Book worth 100 top 1000 times what you invest in it, but I leave the decision to you whether to buy this book or not.  

This week markets market traded negatively, metals went higher, and NFLX traded as predicted. Gold tested the $1928 level and now the most important time cycle is starting for metals. In our Thursday letter, we recommended aggressive buying in the market as we see Friday's sharp rally as per Astro combinations. Read our Friday letter carefully. Coffee is ready to move aggressively higher.

We just posted the Daily Flash News of Friday on our website for update and news sections members, click the below link to read the complete Daily flash news (day trading ranges, predictions, and strategy), If you are a member of the update and news sections or you can subscribe at $199 for a month.

2023 Financial Predictions book, now individual sections are available:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma