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Current trend on world financial market and my predictions

Dear friends,
My few key predictions are matching very closely with current movemnets in world financial market which I predicted 2 years back. I am very happy and thankfull to god that he pushed me towards the field of astrology because of astrology I am able to predict unpredictable world financial market. My speciality on financial market and world events has clearing doubt on peoples minds on astrology.
These key predictions which soon will hits predicted prices.
Gold touching $412.
Silver first $6.22.
Platinum $900.
Palladium $320.
Copper $98.
Euro 1.24 to 1.28 against US$.
British Pound 1.78 against US$.
Japanese Yen 94 against US$.
This was prices target according to astrological calculation. It doesn't mean that prices will not go above, On future trend I am very much bullish on Gold and other metal, these current prices will be history. Even the current time is best to buy metal stocks.
On world financial market, I clearly said last year and even in my book that technology will rise in 2003 and rise of Asian and European stock market. Now since last 45 days I am predicting down for America market but not happening infact it went up by 3% after predicting, but I don't think I will hold at this level.  
Thanks & God  bless
Mahendra Sharma