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Crypto meltdown, watch bitcoin at $15111, oil prices is ready to crash by, bond, commodities and currencies...


Dear Members,

Selling recommendations in Bitcoin at $67000 has proven a great call with a target of $21222 which got achieved last week. we also mentioned that if it starts trading below $21000 then we may see $15111 very quickly and it looks like it is on the way.

Even we won’t recommend buying Bitcoin even at $8000 because in this week’s newsletter we are predicting bitcoin can test the $3571 level because it bottoms out but I will only buy it if it comes to the $837 level. The next 18 months overall will remain a very bearish cycle for crypto so as not to invest or buy crypto, any sharp rise one can sell. For the short-term up and down you can follow our weekly newsletter.

In March we released a bearish call for oil when it tested the $131.00 level. Two weeks back we predicted oil prices to collapse by 45% from when it was $123. Last week oil already lost 11% value as predicted. For the last month, we have been recommending investors close all long positions in oil and energy stocks. In the short term, the oil market may bottom out around October, or around the $60.00 level.

Stay away from heating oil and Rb Gas. One can take put options in the energy market. GUSH collapsed from $257 to $143, and bear energy and gas DRIP moved from $13.11 to $22.00. In 2008 we predicted one of the great short-term crashes coming, and it happened (Prices came down from $147 to $29.91), 2015 once again we predicted the crash in oil and it happened (from $100 to $27.91), and in 2020 we expected $18.88 level but oil went below $0.00. All three crash predictions were made accurately with the help of the Astro cycle.

Our view on gas is not bearish but buying is only recommended at or around $5.00.

Coal, Iron ore, and base metals may face tough challenges, read our next week’s weekly newsletter carefully.

Get ready for a 15% rally in the stock market.

In our weekly newsletter, we mentioned that inflations will fall so fast that FED may not only think of stopping hikes, in fact, they will talk about reducing interest rates later this year because commodities prices will drop drastically. I know it sounds crazy, but I only speak as per what see in my theory. Surely some of the commodities will do well but energy and base metals can remain the worst-performing commodities in the coming time.

We have almost finished the weekly newsletter 23-page weekly newsletter and talked in detail about the markets, commodities (precious and base metals, energy, grains, softs), currencies, bonds, and the future coming time for all assets class.  

·       Lithium is the new oil

·       Bond test 129-00 level as predicted which confirms a higher rate is almost done

·       British Pound to make a big move

·        Coffee historic bull era is starting

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma