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Crypto and younger generations has very strong bonding with Mars and Mercury...

Weekly Newsletter from 15 to 19 Nov     

Mars and Mercury are father and mother for crypto…


Dear Members,   

Last This week on Monday the USA and China leaders will have a virtual meeting, expectations are mixed as this is their first talk since Biden became the President. There are a lot of hopes on China and for the Chinese stocks to rebound, and surely why not when Chinese stocks lost so much value. Many good Chinese stocks are trading at lucrative valuations.

This week two important planets will change their house, the Sun will change on the 16th of November. It will move out of Libra which is a negative house for the SUN and will move to Scorpio where it feels more power and strength. The second change will take place on the 20th of November when Jupiter will be transiting from Capricorn to Aquarius. Jupiter feels very uncomfortable in Capricorn. Though Jupiter won’t be able to play a great role in Aquarius, but at least it will be far batter then Capricorn. Jupiter is currently moving along with Saturn in Capricorn and both these giants are not friends. This change will play a positive role for many people, but I would still like to see Jupiter moving in Pieces which will take place in April 2022.

Surely this week both changes are far batter for us and some positive outcome will come for the world.

Crypto have been dominating as the new asset class many investment houses started allocating some money in Crypto. I have been trying to understand relations between planets and crypto and finally I able to decode relations. Crypto is ruled by planet Mars and Mercury, both these planets are young planets by nature, and they also represent and dominate young people or young generation on this planet. This clearly indicates that the younger generation has more attractions, confidence and believe in Crypto than the older generation. The younger generation or young kids have made money or outperformed their parents or older generation lately in return wise by investing in Crypto.

Mercury and Mars forced them to fall in love with Crypto’s and they will remain in love with Crypto regardless of the risk and all the fundamental issues with Crypto. Many parents and their close elder people have been advising and warning their children or younger generation to stay away from Cryptos because they believe that the younger generations doesn’t have enough knowledge about the market, fundamentals, and technical charts but the young generation have been performing well in Crypto investments so far, and they have proven everyone wrong.

I believe that younger generations will keep driving crypto prices and they will keep investing money and that will be the key reason for crypto to make a place in the center of investment area in the future coming time which means that Crypto will remain here regardless of whether we believe in it or not.   

I believe that this fight between the younger and older generation regarding Crypto will become bigger and bigger. BUT whenever the negative planetary combinations develop for crypto for the short term may impact crypto’s and their investors because Mars is naturally very aggressive and volatile planet but as soon as Mars gets the better, these Crypto’s will rebound aggressively and this is what we have seen in the last five years. As per these astro combinations I clearly see that younger generations will invest more in crypto than stocks market in coming time. We started writing crypto weekly outlook in our weekly letter since last four months on members demand. I am planning a nice chapter of Crypto in our next book so wait for second week of January 2022 for our book to release.

Let’s come back to the financial markets, last week they stabilized around the lower side. Precious metals performed amazingly well, in fact they walked along Dollar without fear which is great news.

Grains also performed well as predicted, and coffee tested a multi-year high.

Energy prices traded negatively as predicted, and they will struggle in the coming time as our view still not positive so no major investments recommended in energy and energy stocks.

Dollar remained in an aggressive mood and Thirty Year bond lost value from the higher side.

Bitcoin trading between $67771 and $61238, below that $56781; these are the key levels to watch, and closing on the higher side will push prices at least 15% in that direction.

Clean energy and EV related areas are on fire and they will keep performing well. Keep follow our EV letter which can guide you well with stocks list to buy. 

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma