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Today's Trade & News

Crash may come fast...Cash out your chips in many sectors but here few still can hold but fire can burn even green...

Dear Members,

Finally, volatility is arriving, S&P made 3219 top as predicted as predicted and now I don’t see market going above this level at this stage. We are strongly recommend getting out from S&P stocks, (Cyclical, Non-Cyclical, Transport, energy, banks) but NASDAQ has still some power as tech and biotech can support market trend. At this stage NASDAQ tested five digits figure. We expected next market gaining value so keep this in mind.

Thursday wait and watch, as major astro support will be in S&P at 3052 level so buy some positions or cover positions around this level with strict stop-loss. Buy Nasdaq at 9800, and Russell at 1373 level. Friday will be mix day.

Most of currencies will remain very volatile, we aware as dollar can rebound from here.

Thirty Year bond tested 173-00 which was lower side target, we may see 180-00 back.

Buy today soy bean, avoid rest of grains and softs.

Oil tested $40.11 level, now weakness in oil is starting, watch $33.95 level.

Gold can perform well, and base metals are in our selling list from today so great time to build aggressive shorts.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma