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Covid-19 stock list, Small part of weekly newsletter from 29-3 July 2020...weekly outlook for metals, markets, energy, currencies, softs, grains & bond

Weekly Newsletter from 29-3 July 2020

We must remember that biotech company will find vault which has hidden treasure…


Dear Members,  

Since the 23rd of March, the US market bottomed out. It has been going higher and tested 3200 from 2200. We are still in a pandemic; the economy is still running very slow globally, and the vaccination is yet to come. Cases have started rising in the USA once again after reopening. The most important current astro cycle is not positive, which was a clear sign last Wednesday, which was confirmed on Friday.  

Now 15 negative/Uncertain days are pending in the market, so traders should remain very watchful but still what we saw uncertainty in 2020 may not come again. Jupiter is changing houses on Wednesday early in the morning in Asia; it will move back to Sagittarius, where the South Node is currently situated. On the Wednesday, the North-Node will be sitting in the opposite house of Sagittarius Jupiter. In November 2019 when Jupiter changed positions and joined South Node with the opposite house of the North Node, this combination gave birth to virus like Corona as I have checked history of combinations of Jupiter and South Node, they always bring major diseases. BUT at the end of March 2020, Jupiter moved out from Sagittarius and went to Capricorn, where Saturn was situated which gave boost to global financial market, they started getting better from the 23rd of March even without improving of economy, we witnessed amazing positive power of planets and we were very fortunate to predict bullish cycle.

I am now a bit concerned because the same kind of planetary movements returned, which wreaked havoc for markets between 21 February top 22 March 2020. However, this time we all need to remember that Jupiter will be in a Retro direction which may not wreak much havoc, but it might bring some uncertainty and volatility by 16 July and after that we will be back in game because down side is not much from here. It looks like that our target of 3800 in S&P is on the way but NASDAQ to outperform as predicted.

We will talk about astro combinations in market situations in next week’s newsletter because I want talk about the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) drug or vaccine. We are all aware that many companies are working day and night to bring forth a cure. The headliners for the vaccine want to save the world, but also truth is that they will hit the jackpot as well. The situation is very simple as Biotech companies are trying to make a key for a vault with billions of dollars in it, and anyone developing the vaccine will be ahead of the race. 

I humbly bow myself to the astro subject because I was one of the first analysts who recommended buying Covid-19 stocks at the end of January and early February 2020. We very clearly mentioned that one should hold long positions until the vaccine is made, as investments in Covid-19 stocks could make a fortune for investors. So far, many of companies are moving higher, and this is still the tip of iceberg, for small and big companies alike. 

We still recommend investing in these stocks; we are sure a few of the stocks will take care of your portfolio once they announce the vaccine. Without the vaccine, the world won’t be able to return to normality. Apart from my recommendations, if you know any other companies working hard to bring the vaccine, let me know so I can share the full list with other members.  Our favorite Covid-19 recommended stocks as of the first week of February: AZN, JNJ, BNTX, EBS, MRNA, VIR, INO, TBIO, ARCT, REGN, GILD, PFE, NVAX. Companies like REGN are not in the Great Vaccine Race but they are treating patients in serious conditions, and their drug is working very well in clinical trials, but the vaccine is still the key. 

The world is changing from all angles; all major businesses have to adapt to the changes; any new areas will be birthed, and many old favorites will lose their luster. Investors’ and consumers’ approaches will change as well. 

Since the last two years, I have been recommending staying away from any new investments in the Real Estate market because we saw investors losing a huge amount of wealth. Surely, rental property will still do well, but in the coming time, it is incredibly challenging because the job market will change in a big way that could also impact rental market. Young can go back to stay with family. The fashion industry will change as well, and more business will shift to online retail. Athleisure will be the new normal.

Younger generations won’t care about big houses and a flashy life because people will slowly start living in kind isolation, and that time is not very far. Many predictions I made from my small village in India when I was between the ages of 10 to 14 are starting to come true when I become 17-year-old so many like electric car, face to talk over handset, internet and technology taking over human life.  

In 1995 were very bullish about internet stocks, and in 2012, we were very bullish about streaming stocks, and in 2013, we recommended investing in cloud stocks. These are still two of our favorite areas. 

This pandemic is changing the world in a big way in every area, and you have probably realized that. I always recommend meditating after reading my letters because it helps you to see a clearer picture of the future. Many of member are still same those who subscribe our first letter in 2001/2. They love our work because of they get glimpse of future and awareness. 

Our life is a very beautiful and it is great gift from nature. We created religion the concept of God, so everything under that umbrella was birthed by that decision. In the last few thousand years, we have been evolving ourselves; we are creating rules and boundaries which are governed by our religious leaders and king in olden days and now by elected officials, as well as a judicial system to keep societies’ ethical scales in balance.

I think at this stage, we recommend taking things to step by step when it comes to your life.

Six weeks ago, I published this small excerpt in my weekly newsletter, and I would like you to read it one more time:

“For the last one month, I have been getting strange thoughts after every deep meditation, and I get the feeling that all the different religious leaders are not able to guide their followers or community in right direction with clear truth. There is much greed and competition to make their religion better than the next, or every priest and preacher wants to prove they’re better than other, or their race could gather more crowds than the other.

People have been building huge temples, churches, and mosques non-stop, spending billions even though there are enough temples, churches and mosques. I wish that the same money could have been spent building hospitals, schools, clean water systems, and other better, more humanitarian facilities. I see many small towns all over Africa, India, and other countries with bigger mosques, temples, and churches, but in those very areas there are no infrastructural developments of proper roads, hospitals, and schools. Pregnant women's lives are often endangered due to a significant lack of proper supportive healthcare systems in these areas.

Please tell your religious leaders not to invest or spend more money towards the building churches, temples, and mosques, or you will stop donating your money. We are all alive because of nature (air, water, fire, and earth), not because of religion. No religion is able to divide the air we all breathe. Four different religious leaders, priest, mullah or preachers walking together will breathe in and out the same air because they couldn’t divide as it is out of their hand.
It is time wake up. It is time to awaken our conscience. Believe in nature because the so-called God is nature. God is within us, and in every single breath we take. It is a very lengthy subject, but all our unanswered questions will start getting resolved once we start meditating and bringing self-awareness and consciousness about into your psyche. You will realize that you will understand your life better than the religious leaders, priest or preachers’ teachings ever could.
More and more under-educated and people facing strife are always getting trapped in the hands of religious leaders or preachers. Work hard and help others if you can, because we have a limitation of age. It is never too early nor is it ever too late to be give back to our societies in order to make our lives more meaningful, and others' lives more comfortable.” 

Thank God that nature provided me with the habit of waking up around 4:30 am. I really enjoy my mornings. I am also thankful to nature that I have visited more than 70 countries and express my gratitude of nature’s beauty and its creation of our incredible earth all elements which keeps us alive. Please make some money, enjoy your life, help the needy, and help your loved ones, even strangers around you. 

One day I will also depart this world. I hope I will pass this knowledge to my one of children or anyone else. Nature is unique; in each and every particle of nature, life is brewing, and that life is God. Do not try to run after religion nor God… because god is within us. Awaken yourself and you will have a zest for life. If you are happy, then you are making God happy.

Let me start this week’s newsletter because most of you subscribe to the letter to know what is coming in the financial market, and yes, money plays the most important center role in everyone’s life; without money, you can’t send your children to school, you won’t be able to buy groceries, and you won’t be able to get proper healthcare treatments… and list goes on. We allowed money to dominate our lives, but we need to find a way to transition from making our pockets deeper to making our and around lives more meaningful. 

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma