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Small part from weekly Newsletter from 2-6 March is at risk or we are fine?

Dear Members/Visitors,

I decided to put small part of this week newsletter from first sections as I though that it is time to share this small part with everyone as it is important note so please take out time from your busy schedule and read carefully:

Weekly Newsletter from 2 – 6 March 2020

I recommend reading carefully first sections of this letter...bottoming is happening, and rally could be big…


Dear Members,

Last week proved to be one of the worst weeks for the market and it will be written down in history. Many crashes took place in the market throughout history but this one will be remembered because the Coronavirus disease created havoc in the markets even though the death tolls were far below what any other disease has done in the past. Every Year the Flu kills more than 20000 people in the USA, but this disease is unknown. It is the same as when a Snake bite someone and people die, because people know what happens they don’t panic, but if any other unknown animal starts biting and killing people, the world will freak-out.

Any way’s, I blame Mercury as it is the nature of Mercury to create panic when passing through. When I was writing this year’s book “2020 Financial Prophecies”, the main point that we saw was that there would be some uncertainty and that’s the reason we predicted that the second cycle would remain negative, and advised investors to stay away from the market.

This below part is taken from book page number 44 and 45, stock market sections:


First Cycle: From the 1st of January to the 8th of February

This is a positive cycle for the equity market, but there will be some volatility during this cycle from the 8th of January to the 14th of January. During this period, I am not recommending any buying trades, but the overall cycle will be positive till the 8th of February. If I am not mistaken in reading the Astro cycle, then some new buying will emerge in the global equity market and stock prices may start moving higher aggressively from the 18th of January onwards.

During this cycle, Saturn will be changing its house on the 24th of January, which may give new life to cannabis, metal stocks, metals, and the entire energy sectorincluding alternative energy, electric car, fuel cell technology, etc. We believe that tech stocks will struggle to perform well, but will still hold value, so do not short any tech stocks. During this period, medical equipment stocks will also perform amazingly, so focus on that along with biotech.

I strongly recommend taking more aggressive positions in emerging markets rather than developed markets. Buying in YINN & INDL will be far better bets. Overall, this is a very bullish cycle, but make sure you don’t buy any aggressive positions from the 8th of January to the 14th of January, and make sure you book profits in most of the markets around the 8th of February.


Second Cycle: From the 9th of February to the 23rd of March

This will be a volatile cycle for the market, especially from the 9th of February to the 25th of February. During this period, we may see the market giving up some gains. Do not hold any aggressive long positions in the market and in stocks even though there will be some positivity from the 3rd of March to the 22nd of March.

During this period....

Without the astro cycles/wave of nature theory I couldn’t write these predictions in the book. The stock section of the book was finished in October 2019 and the book was released on the 5th of January 2020. Is there any other subject that could indicate anything in advance like this? The answer is no, and that is the reason I always say that add our indicator as your key indicator along with all other market indicators (technical, fundamentals). Every year I recommend people to buy my own book because I am aware that book can play great role in planning investment strategy. Please do your best to put out word out about our book, as I want people to see that how this subject can help seeing oncoming wave.

I sent a special alert on Thursday, and in Friday’s Flashnews we stated that the S&P won’t remain below 3000 for three days, but it did so on Thursday and Friday, so now we need to watch this level on Monday now.

Last week it was huge reduction of wealth in the market and commodities. Not only did the market crash, but safe haven commodities like Gold collapsed, along with Gold silver and Platinum collapsed. Oil prices and energy stocks lost huge value.

On Thursday we clearly mentioned that I was worried about gold as it was not acting well, and metals had the worst day on Friday. Our recommendation of booking profit in gold at $1678 proved to be great advice. Oil’s lower side target of $44.55 got achieved. Except for coffee every commodity came down. 

Many stocks came down to great buying levels, and we are sure many of you must have taken buying positions. 

We humans are helpless whenever nature created havoc. Just imagine that any disease starts killing people in one hour after infection, we will find ourselves helpless. Natural disasters like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, flooding’s, Fires, Tornado’s, storm’s etc. It means that all these natural disasters exist in nature and nature decides when to release them. It means that nature is active. Yes, I am a bit concerned about this kind of disease which can wipe out continents. 

I strongly recommend that we should start giving something back to nature by planting tree, lessening mining activities because we are removing minerals which very important for balancing the earth and gravity from the ground, gas and oil is very important for the core of the earth. We destroy the forests which is bad for the environment because it can create an imbalance in oxygen and whether this pattern which could dangerous for leaving things. 

In short, we shouldn’t be taking anything for granted as nature is providing us with free air, water etc. On the land we grew food, basically land is the mother of all living things. In the Vedas land is called our mother and the sky is called our father. 

Anyways, I don’t want to go into all this, but I would always like to remind you in a humble way that nature is supreme so we should do something more to give back to it. We shouldn’t but so much attention is given to religion because all religions were created in the last few thousand years by humans who were born, but nature has been there for billions of years. Religions were just born in the last few thousand years, and they give us identity and teach us a way of life. In the current era religion became the key tool for leaders and religious leaders to amass power and supremacy because religion is attached to the emotion for large amounts of the population.

I give importance to nature, I believe in myself, I was born, and I will die, the tag of religion is given to me, but I want to go beyond religion because it is a subject of faith, so we should try to understand ourselves. If we think about nature and the world at large then religion will look like an external thing, and many times manipulating your thoughts and creates confusion and division. 

We are all taking in the same air, regardless pf religion or caste like Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Punjabi, Buddhist, Jain etc... If all these religious people sit together in one place then they are breathing the same air, they can’t divide the air, thank God people are not fighting to divide the air.

I don’t want to drag this financial letter into another direction, but one thing I need to say is that we need an awakening. We need reforms in religions, thousand-year-old scriptures written in those conditions, and circumstance for that era. It is time for younger generations to take the lead and reform religions otherwise we will keep fighting with each other. We will be keep a distance from each other, and we will try to prove our rights and supremacy of religious identity.

I heard about the Young Saudi Prince who is trying to do things which are moderate and go along with the current world. Give freedom from religious burdens and thoughts, and this will make’s life happy and peaceful. As I said that religion is formed to teach us the way of life and value, and religious leaders provided us with certain looks or clothing to differentiate ourselves. In the desert people used to cover themselves so they can protect themselves from Sandstrom’s or weather conditions of that region, but now we have buildings, cars, air conditions, and life has changed completely from that era, but people still wear the same kind of clothing. We need to change our attitude and live in the current era according to current conditions.   

If we have faith, we should keep it to ourselves rather than demonstrating, and imposing on others and influencing others. 

I think people make mistakes, GOD and religion, are both completely different thing. Religion is an external thing to keep society together in the olden days, and it is still working in that way. Many believe that religion can take us to God, but God is within us. It is internal not external, and we can’t search for God in the world, we can find it within us in every breath which means that we are part of God. 

This all can happen if we bring awareness to ourselves. Mediation can play a key part, and off course good Karma can make us humble and good human beings. 

I taught my three children one thing and that is to do good karma, let me end this first part of the weekly letter here, and let’s start the financial part of the Weekly Newsletter. I ask for forgiveness if I have hurt any ones sentiment, faith, or belief.

Important note of this week: In our book we mentioned that there will be a negative cycle from the 9th of February to the 3rd of March. Tuesday is the 3RD of March so the market shall rebound on Tuesday, but Mercury will still remain in a negative direction and Mercury represents Wednesday, so I am expecting uncertainty to end on Wednesday. Mercury will change from negative to positive this Friday so this is the final week of uncertainty, and the market will back in a bullish era, so this is a great time to acquire stocks during this week.

I believe “2020 financial Prophecies” book will be great gift from you if anyone is trading or investing in market and you want to surprise him/her with our theory. No theory exist which can guide you one year in advance what would happen in each month.

Let’s talk about market, here is weekly newsletter from 2-6 March 2020

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Last week metals traded as predicted, our recommendations of selling at $1679 proven great advice….Subscribe to weekly newsletter to read complete letter.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma