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Coffee frost news came as predicted and Adani group worst cycle is ending...Markets are moving as predicted and watch silver...

Once again markets, energy and coffee prices moved aggressively higher…


Dear Members,   

On Wednesday strong move came in market as predicted. markets performed well in the last two trading days, we are strongly recommend staying long in market. Monday was great buying opportunity and we recommended buying on weakness.

I have been watching coffee prices closely as well cold weather situations closely which is concerning of Frost.

Today I like to put small sections of “2021 Financial Prophecies”  book from coffee sections. At the time I was writing book, coffee was trading around $108 and in our book we expected $171 by July end and it hit today $171, in fact it closed $178.00 level. Isn’t astro cycle are amazingly, an those who spend and buy our services know the value of our work.

Here is from page 121, 122 “2021 Financial Prophecies”

I still remember our call for Coffee in January 2005 as it surprised many, we saw Coffee moving sharply higher, in fact it doubled from the low in just a few months.

We have been waiting for 2021 for the last seven years as we have been predicting a major bull run in Coffee to start from this year. Historically there have been many occasions when panic started in the market on concerns of climate conditions. Coffee went limit up for many days on many occasions in history on news of a Frost or drought conditions in Brazil, because Brazil is a key player in Coffee growing.

I have been predicting that weather conditions will start getting uncertain in Brazil from 2021 which could create major havoc in the Coffee market as traders and commercials will rush to acquire positions. Even though there are other countries which may be able to support the Coffee market, Brazil crop production still plays a key role. We are expecting the wealth situation in Brazil to start getting worse from March 2021. News of a serious drought will get confirmed and after the drought we may see extreme cold weather on the hills of Minas Gerais, Espirinto Santo, Bahia, Rondania, Parana, and Sao Paulo, as these areas play a key role in Coffee production. 2019 wildfires in the Amazonian forest created great concerns globally because it plays a major eco role of supplying enough oxygen to our planet. Astrologically it is a bad omen because weather conditions will start deteriorating in Brazil, it will take a five-to-nine-year cycle to bring back normal weather conditions in Brazil.

Other countries like Colombia, Indonesia, and many African countries are key growing nations of Coffee, but our focus will be Brazil. If things turn out the way the Astro combinations are developing for Coffee, then 2021 and 2022 could be one of the biggest bull market eras of all time for Coffee. We won’t be surprised at all if Coffee prices move towards a historic high, and it may move limit up for several days.

Overall, 2021 is a bullish year, and the rising trend in Coffee will start from the 7th of January 2021, and the bullish trend will become aggressive from the 18th of April 2021.

We clearly see Coffee prices moving toward $171 by the end of July, and I won’t surprise at all if prices move towards $200 or above by the end....

I bow to nature and astro cycle for giving us such a great prediction.

45 days back we predicted worst cycle starting for Adani group stocks, second richest Indian and since our predictions Adani Group stocks lost 35% value. Now worst time is getting over for Adani group stocks.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma