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Today's Trade & News

CHANGING HANDS - Gold Investors shouldn't trade with worried faces.

Dear Friends,
Answer for pending part of below news:
In my newsletter on Monday I said that Monday and Tuesday are very important days for gold to remain strong for this week. Yes Monday and Tuesday went through smoothly. I see:

Moon transit won the battle against enemy planets and this means that there is nothing to worry about on Gold and silver. The current level of $406 is another buying opportunity for gold. Next week on Friday looks weak but I will still update you.

IMP-NOTE: Don't beleive in key people of gold investor:
This is what I said few hours before:
Sifting hand - Gold bull traders of 2002/3 will become bear but their plan will fail. They think that they can contrall gold but I see they are doing big mistake.

I see this will create new powerful upward trend in gold and its stocks. Any time today evening or tomorrow I see new people will enter at this level in gold. Gold move ahead.
That is what I see and I feel. 

Thanks & God Bless

This was I said on Monday:
Dear Friends,
The whole of last week gold remained above $400 mark very strongly. The US Dollar lost more value again against other major competitive currencies. Stock market looked a little bit tired.

I do not understand why US policy makers want a weak US Dollar. Why are they not taking the deficit issue seriously because I see it as slow poison which will start giving very strong negative signs on the USA economy next year. I see the history of 1929 depression and recession being repeated but by then it will be too late to rectify it.

Policy makers are making fools of USA investors and people. Saturn is Laughing at this whole scenario. I understand very well what Saturn, most destructive planet, can do. No one has power to stop him. It means that the destructive time is coming soon for USA; we are just a few months away.

I am not an economist but I have worked very hard to understand the hidden energy flow and its effect on the economy.

On gold - Silver:
Tomorrow I write some thing very important, will gold investors will have great party by year end?

Cold in USA - In USA section - My new book says extrem cold, may life will stand-still and many will die. (We see this sign already even before launching look) From next week people will start receiving it.

Thanks & god Bless