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Bush, Blair and Iraq after war...

 Bush, Blair and Iraq after war....                                                                                                                                   

In one of the press interiors in 19th January 2003, I predicated the good period for George W. Bush and the downfall of Saddam Hussein and in between the month of January to May it actually happened. But now good period is ended and bad period for Bush started from the month of July 2003 and will be there for another 11 months, so his popularity will go down and it is a very dangerous period for him.


During this bad period he shouldn’t make any important decisions alone otherwise masses will go against him including his own party and House of congress.  He should also stop the attacks and raising of voices against any nation or else he will be the loser.  Astrologically I see that, he should remove all his troops from Iraq otherwise many more will be killed as I had earlier predicated and slowly many Americans will go against him.  For George W. Bush and Tony Blair, I don’t see any victory for them in Iraq; infact Iraq might be their downfall.


Many times in the last three years I stated that if USA wanted to remain as a world super-power then they should control the oil and gold. In the first half of 2003 they did it with Iraq oil. But they should remove their people and soldiers from Iraq and control internal and external affairs of Iraq from the USA.


He shouldn’t raise the new nuclear issue of Iran and North Korea otherwise he will face the defeat BECAUSE this time Tony Blair won’t able to support, as he chart is also looking very weak.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma