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Today's Trade & News

Bill Murphy meeting..Friday and next week fire in metal..

Dear Friends,

If you read again one more time this week's newsletter you will find that I called Friday for right day to investment in Metals. Gold and Silver will be on FIRE and water will disappear. I am very happy and excited to see Friday as well as next week.

Good luck to everybody and enjoy fruits. Many those who lost in metal will be recovering half in next 8 days.

I see strong rise in Silver. Gold will also do well.

Watch USD downfall.

What else metal community wants from me? I thing for time being this is enough.

Thanks & God Bless



From Bill Murphy.. 

My friend Mahendra is pounding the table:

Sounds good to me, Mahendra. Hope you are right.

By the way Mahendra will be in Dallas next Thursday, May 27 and will be making a presentation to interested parties. Details will be furnished tomorrow. Time will be approximately 5 to 7 at a restaurant 10 minutes outside downtown Dallas and we can stick around after that to chat and have a few brewskies. Some buffet style food items will be served. Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Also tomorrow, I will explain to newer Café members how I came across Mahendra and how we became friends.