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An amazing time is coming for markets and metal investors...2023 is year of Jupiter and Chinese will like Rabbit...

Dear Members, 

What a fantastic day to launch the book. It looks like markets and metals both came to life, read the book, and went according to our predictions. It was an amazing day for the USA market and precious metals. 

A message from the depths of my heart: If any investor can spend $$$, then they must acquire this book because it will guide you on how markets, metals, energy, currencies, grains, softs, bonds, and Crypto will trade in each month of 2023. They can take advantage of buying calls and puts or buying/selling positions before the markets move either lower or higher. Invest $999 in our book, and you will be able to scan 2023 by yourself and know what decisions you need to make for the year. 

Since many requests came to release individual sections of the book which will be out on 11 January 2023.  

If what I see comes true for metals and markets, then I am sure you all will make unbelievable amounts of money, but for that, you need to be very focused. Don’t get trapped by those who are predicting bearish trends. Including Warren Buffet, no one will tell you the truth about what they are buying or selling, and 90% of fund managers and experts will misguide you so you always remain in a confused zone. I am here to provide you with a glimpse into the future and your mind’s power will build your future. 

Your strategy: Markets and stocks are too low, providing you with a great opportunity to buy and hold with 50% of your capital by following our book. Remain a medium-term swing trader for 30% of your capital by following our book and letters, and for the final 20%, you can trade for the short term by trading in and out by following the Daily Letters and the Weekly Newsletter as the accuracy has been amazing. The Astro cycle is mind-boggling and we 100% believe that 2023 will be a great year for investors, so don’t miss the opportunity as this will be a period in which you can recover all previous losses— if you have any— because it’s time to come back in the market.  

I still believe that S&P is ready for 9888 and 11111, and gold is heading towards a historic journey along with silver. 

A humble request: If you have already bought the book, then please don’t share each month’s predictions with anyone, and tell them to acquire their own copy. This is my intellectual property and I hope it will be handled with integrity and respect. 

I hope and pray that 2023 will be one of the best years in your investing and trading careers. 

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma