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Today's Trade & News

Alert - We predicted Monday to be negative, Tuesday to be positive and Wednesday to be negative...Thursday will be...predictions for metals, metals and currencies...

Dear Members,

WHO just announced Coronavirus is Global Pandemic, everyone is freaking out and no one has clear answer about what is coming.

I do astro study because my theory is not connected with current news or current happening. We expected market to remain uncertain from 8 February to 23 March as per our book. But after 9 March we recommended buying as 10th March Mercury was getting direct. We also recommended in book that buying is recommended in stocks and Indexes the second and third week of March 2020.

In our weekly newsletter we predicted that Monday would be negative days, Tuesday we saw huge rally, on Wednesday weaker trend but recommended because we are expecting markets to move higher from Thursday. Expect Thursday markets to close in green.

Currently S&P and NASDAQ is hanging around last weeks low and this will be good buying opportunity. Surely one shouldn’t take any naked open long because any negative news and if market correct big just for the one day then it could be danger so buy call options which is best bet at this stage.

Currently S&P around 2744, NASDAQ 8011. Dow is around at 23735, these are great level of buying. Market may go back to 3000 by end of March. Make your trading decisions carefully without leverage, buy with cash in these uncertain times rather than margin. Buy healthcare stocks like HUM, ATHM, CNC, CI etc...

Currencies traded volatile but our selling recommendations on Tuesday in EURO, Pound, Franc and Yen have really done as they came down sharply lower. Buy emerging market currencies and hold shorts in frontline currencies from today. 

Rest of commodities are struggling, metals are falling, we predicted gold remain weaker today and it is trading negative even after all these uncertainties which means astro cycle are working very well for metals. Energy, grains and softs traded as predicted.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

10.15 AM Santa Barbara time Wednesday