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Today's Trade & News

Alert news - Sunday I am writing very important article on Metals..

Dear Friends,

I am writing very important note on metals and world financial market and I will put here on my website soon.


Still one trading hours are pending, and it is so important astrologically for metal recover from this point. Currently gold is trading around $383.50 and silver $5.65 and I am still very much positive on tomorrows trend in metals and also I see strong recovery even today in metal stocks and metals prices. Currently HUI is trading at down 7 points and XAU is down 3 points.
As I said that I will give alert news on OIL - Buying time for oil now.
Around this level one can get out from stock market currently trading down 35 points.
Testing time for my work
Thanks & God Bless



Dear Friends,

While I was in Dallas, Bill suggested to me that many more people will have a chance to benefit from my insights if I adjusted the price of my weekly newsletter. He proposed that I reduce the cost so that the newsletter can be accessible to a larger audience. I have given careful thought to Bill's proposition and since I have also received many similar requests from people in different parts of the world, I am glad to announce that for next four weeks you can subscribe for the whole quarterly (which I send every Sunday) newsletter for just $190.


Note: I have therefore reduced the cost from $2850 to only $190. This offer is valid till 30 JUNE 2004. After that I shall announce a new price which may be a little bit higher.


($190 means that you spend $2.10 every day on my work and I will give insight of all major commodities - gold, silver, platinum, palladium, oil, wheat, coffee and stock market, currencies, world events and my insight thoughts etc…)


Subscribe for any one subject from my newsletter list and you will receive the rest at no extra charges. You will automatically get the additional ones absolutely free. Once again, this offer is valid for only four weeks.


Currently my newsletter is subscribed by many institutions, huge funds, banks,  traders, high net-worth people and many intellectuals that is why I kept my newsletter price very high but it will be very unfair those who are not able to  afford my newsletter and still they like to hear on weekly newsletter. Thanks Bill for your advice and thought for masses.


This offer starts from today – 31 May and will end on 30 June. There is reason for keeping this offer only for one month because I know from September you may able to pay high price.


Thanks & God Bless