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Alert news - Have hot coffee in cold and orange juice in summer..

Wednesdays alert news:
Dear Member,
I just came home from diner and decided to write small note.
I will recommend that there is no need to trade or look at market on Thursday. Just finish your pending work OR ENJOY TIME WITH FAMILY.
Metals will move both-side, before I was expecting only downward trend on Thursday, which I think happened on Wednesday instate of Thursday.
Tuesday's (MARS) upside move have change whole scenario for metal for short term. Metal stocks will perform well.
Enjoy your day but don't try to understand tomorrow's market trend.
You can have hot coffee in cold weather and cold orange juice in summer and also you can add Sugar because it is doing fine as predicted. All this three item should be on your top list of investments after metals.
I see wall street will be in the gripe of depression and we want peace and happiness so keep metals with you. 
Thanks & God Bless
Tuesday's alert news:

Dear Members,

Finally, Mars played a role on Tuesday and that is confirming two weeks rally in metals from this point. So hold your investment in metals and metal stocks for next two weeks. Sell 20% your holding when gold reach at $404 to $409.


Silver also looks strong now and it can rise to $6.39, at 6.39 you can sell 15% your holding and at $6.72 can get out around 50% of your holding.


These predictions are not for short term when this prices hit, you must book profit. From Mid July you can start accumulating metals.


Metal stocks will have a great run for next 16 months from August 2004.


In you portfolio you must add oil stocks. They will rise for next 28 months.


Oil shall start going up from tomorrow.


Stock market are ready to collapse, don't believe on rosy picture, no body will say that they have problem in house, they will say 2+2=5, and make everybody believe that yes 2+2=5 but in real not, it is like misguiding. ( One of my close well-wisher always make me laugh saying  believe me Mahendra 2+2=5)


If you are planning to buy house, do it at the end of next year.


J-Yen a currency to watch.


Thanks & God Bless