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Today's Trade & News

Alert - Gold, silver achieved lower side level of $27.25 and $1868 but trade other commodities and currencies carefully...


Great day to acquire gold and silver at current price $1868 and $27.25…


Dear Members,

Today commodities, USA markets and currencies lost big value. We expected other commodities to trade uncertainly to negative but not gold and silver. Thursday is turn around for gold, silver and platinum so whatever lows they made may not see at least this year so keep this in mind. Our lower side major astro supports are at $27.25 and gold $1868, we don’t see these precious metals may not close below these levels for the three days.

In this week's newsletter we also mentioned that from 2 June to 19 July, nine days will be most uncertain for global markets, commodities and currencies. I will be watching trends closely and update you accordingly.

We won’t be surprised at all if we see silver testing $33.31 level in July so keep this level in mind and there is a possibility that silver may move another 20% higher ($38.28).

Dollar predictions really went very well, we expected a strong rebound in USD or sharp fall in most currencies which is happening as predicted in this week's newsletter.

Lower side buy USA market, but don’t take leverage trade.

Read very carefully this week's weekly newsletter.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma