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A 5% move in the USA market in seven trading days starting from Friday? Silver will outperform gold as mentioned in this year’s book so must plan your trade well…

Friday’s Daily Flashnews (Unedited)

Markets struggled this week but metals performed amazingly well…Friday should be a big day for the USA market so start building futures positions…


Dear Members, 

On Wednesday markets closed negative, last two weeks two markets struggled, except last week Thursday. Time is running out for my bull predictions. We predicted the bull market to take place by 12 May so now only 6 trading days are pending. Many other markets performing very well. USA regional banking stocks are suffering a big blow.

Friday could be one of the biggest turnaround days for the market so watch Friday and I warn bear traders to close all shorts in the market today. The positive Astro cycle is ending on 12 May and I am hoping for one big rally in the market by 12 May 2023.

Precious Metals prediction is doing very well, traders are very happy as per what they are saying in emails. Base metals are underperforming as predicted. The overall positive trend is expected in precious metals and base metals are close to bottoming out.

Energy prices traded negative, oil started stabilizing. Energy stocks are falling hard as expected.

The currencies market is a trading mix, but now time started to buy dollars against the frontline currencies.

Grains recovered value, softs trade mixed but cotton gained big value.

Regional banks related positive news will be arriving on Sunday or next week so the worst is almost over. Great time to make a great amount in regional bank stocks and etfs.

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Mahendra Sharma