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2023 Financial predictions book...monthly cycles are very important for investors which can help you planning your metals first cycle

Dear Members,

2023 Financial Predictions book, So far 2023 Financial Predictions book predictions are coming very accurately, it is one kind of unique book we always predict. A small part of metal sections from the daily letter and then first cycle predictions of metals from the book.

On Friday selling in precious metals witnessed as predicted though our medium-term outlooks are fantastic so get ready to buy if silver comes to the $21.03 level. Profit booking was recommended in gold at $1978, silver 24.68, and copper at the $431 level.

This is what we stated on Friday: Thursday precious metals came down on profit Astro day which is not good news. Base metals lost value as expected, stay away from base metals.

Precious metals and base metals shall be in your profit booking list today so higher side sell precious and base metals.

Friday will be the most important day for precious and base metals because higher side selling will come and if not that will be great news.  

The below part is taken from page 78 monthly cycle of metals, from the “2023 Financial Predictions” book:

The first cycle is from the 1st of January to the 13th of February.

During this period, precious metals will perform mixed to positive. Prices will gain momentum between the 3rd to the 25th of January. This will be a good time to take long positions in gold because gold will play a father role for metals. Mining stocks will trade mixed to a bit positive. After the 25th of January, some volatility will make its way to both sides, as well as some selling pressure in the early parts of February.

Here is a small part of the update we just released regarding Adani, metals, markets to news, and update sections:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma