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2021 Financial Prophecies... metals, markets and many financial instruments are in scary time cycle?

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Metals and Markets started trading negatively as predicted in the “2021 Financial prophecies”, we expect more volatility to continue in most global markets, but European markets look far better. This is what we mentioned in the first cycle in “2021 Financial Prophecies”. 

Here are 2021 Cycle’s for the Global Markets:

First cycle from the 1st of January 2021 to the 21st of February 2021:

This will be a positive cycle for the Market, and though the third week of January will be a bit bumpy for the five trading days, but after that the market will start moving higher. We may see Tech, Financial, lithium and graphite stocks, EV, and clean energy stocks performing well. Overall sentiment of market will remain positive which means that globally many markets will move all time high. Financial stocks will come forward to help the market as we see most of the financials announcing positive results and many of the Financial’s will move sharply higher after earnings. Health Care stocks will move steadily higher. I wont surprise at all if S&P achieve our predicted 3800 and NASDAQ 12778. 

We are strongly recommend closing long positions before this cycle ends because we see that the market will start trading lower in the next cycle. We are also recommending buying put options in Indexes or taking some short positions. Buying the VIX or UVXY in the month of February will provide nice returns in the next cycle and will protect your portfolio.


Second cycle from the 22nd of February 2021 to the 14th of April 2021

During this cycle the markets will start moving lower globally. One shall book profit in stocks before this cycle….if wish to read complete book or each sections like metals, stocks, energy, grains, softs, currencies, crypto & Bond market then click here to buy most unique predicting 15th book:

Next week is most important one for markets, metals, currencies and bond market, Job report will be crucial one.

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Mahendra Sharma