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2021 Financial Prophecies book and this week small update for metals, markets and currencies...

Dear Members,

In this week’s weekly newsletter, we predicted a negative trend in precious and base metals from Monday to Wednesday. Monday metals closed negative and Tuesday so far metals are trading negative as predicted but we also mentioned that cover short in silver around $24.00 and gold $1671 so keep this in mind.

Also, in the weekly newsletter we recommended buying positions on Thursday.

As per our book “2021 Financial Prophecies” currently we are in the second negative astro cycle in precious metals from the middle of February and this negative astro cycle will end soon. 

This week markets to trade mix, S&P holding 3939 level could be the most bullish sign. Globally markets have been trading uncertain as predicted in this year’s book “2021 Financial Prophecies”.

Dollar Index gained from 89.38 level and now it is achieving top as mentioned in the second cycle of 2021, book partly profit in USD around 93.75 level.

I still believe that 2021 book can guide you very accurately, every investors must have "2021 Financial Prophecies" if they are invested in market.

Oil and grains also achieved top as predicted two weeks back. Softs are trading mix to negative but 16 April is the bottoming out date for softs. Coffee era is starting from mid-April 2021.

This week's newsletter talks in detail about EV, later today we will release an update in EV, battery and battery material stocks letter.

Crypto may move further higher, do not short Crypto or bitcoin.

Thanks & God Bless