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Take these trades, most important alert as time demanded...

I hardly sent alert but today time demanded so here is alert


Dear Members,

Traders and investors are very nervous about Coronavirus and falling of global equity market from all time high. We predicted in our book “2020 Financial prophecies” that in the second astro cycle from 8 February to 9 March will remain bit uncertain to volatile, and stocks may fall sharply this so far proven very accurate. Those for the longer-term investors it is one of the best times to get in or adding more positions in market.

What a great buying opportunity because we don’t see S&P going below 3000, so take buying from today as S&P is currently trading around 3065 which is very close to lower side level. S&P may not go below 3030 level. Nasdaq will bounce very strongly.

Short term astro cycle is still bit uncertain for the next six trading day, so keep this in mind if you can handle some volatility. Buy some aggressive call options in S&P and NASDAQ, or SPY and QQQ.

Bet on GILD, it is moving higher, REGN gaining non-stop, biotech are our most favorite for 2020 so keep adding positions.

 Some Coronavirus stocks are multiplying every day this week, they are risk but you can watch these stocks close or buy with stop-loss, these stocks are: CODX, MRNA, VIR, NNVC, NVAX, AHPI. Three weeks back we recommended these stocks but remember they are risky one.

In longer term I still believe this year S&P will surpass 3800 soon and may head toward 5000.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma