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15% Rally in US market from...commodity lost value as is part this weeks weekly newsletter and every investors must read...

Dear Members,

Get ready for a 15% rally in the market, commodities are falling hard as predicted. All major frontline tech stocks are ready to make a big move. Mars is preparing for a mega rally in the market now so don’t miss it. Yesterday in Daily flash news we mentioned that the market must close positive which will confirm that Jupiter will take control of the market, the most beautiful trend will bring by this Jupiter. TSLA, AMZN, GOOGL, APPLE, NFLX will move aggressively higher along with other beat good tech stocks. EV and lithium stocks are presenting lifetime buying opportunities today so don’t miss it. We are still holding our targets of S&P testing 7500 and NASDAQ 30000.

Here is a small part of this week’s weekly newsletter and I am sure it will help you make decisions to create wealth for the medium and longer-term. Don’t focus on the short term too much.

Weekly Newsletter from 20-24 June     

Commodities look scary but bitcoin indicates that nothing is safe when traders trade anything…


Dear Members,    

Investors lose focus when the market conditions are volatile.  I want to write a very important note today so just focus on these points and we are sure you will not only recover the money that you lost in holding long positions in the equity market, but you will build a very strong future by creating wealth. Whatever is happening is a short-term phenomenon that will misguide you. Look at last week’s sharp fall in Oil and energy/Gas etfs GUSH. In the last 8 trading day it collapsed from $255 to $145.00.

Our view below is based purely on the Astro cycles, it has nothing to do with whatever is happening in the markets and the world as I never give any importance to what is happening currently, I always try to see what is going to happen in the future.

1.     In late 2020 and early 2021 we mentioned that the inflation issue is coming in a big way when hardly anyone expected inflation. Since Russia invaded Ukraine all the major commodities prices moved higher, especially oil, gas, and grains. Then the major planetary positions (Jupiter, Saturn, North Node) changed in April.  Saturn in Aquarius clearly indicated that a few of the commodities that are ruled by Saturn could fall dramatically and could bring fear of deflation because prices could keep falling lower so beware.

2.     Saturn is a very powerful and important planet that creates waves on any side in the financial market, geopolitics, and for every individual. It resolves or finishes any issue once it takes it into its hands. Saturn will remain in Aquarius throughout 2022 and 2023 which is clearly indicating that there will be a medium to the longer-term problem for commodities.

3.      Saturn will play the most negative role in the energy market so beware. This is the final positive oil cycle, and I don’t see any major rise in oil prices, and as predicted we see a 35% to 45% fall in oil by October 2022. Oil will remain in a bearish cycle for the next 11 years. Coal, Iron ore, lead, and zinc will remain in a bearish market as well.

4.     This year Soy oil will start crashing and may lose 50% value.

5.     The Fed seems very confused right now as they are hiking rates because of the inflation issue, but the inflation issue will soon fade, and the FED will stop hiking rates. By the years-end, they will start thinking of cutting rates and we may see this happen in 2023. An unbelievable scenario will develop in the coming time.

6.     Equity bear market started when Saturn changed its house in April and the markets have been falling nonstop. I am confident of a rise because the bullish Jupiter will pull the Equity market away from the bearish Saturn. Right now, the bearish Saturn is winning this fight, and Jupiter is clearly losing the battle. In the last seven weeks, on several Thursdays, the markets went sharply lower. Thursdays are represented by Jupiter. I 100% believe that Jupiter soon take control of the market because it rules the financial market. Because of Jupiter, I was not negative about the market except for during the last two cycles which ended on 4th June 2022.

7.     Once again, I am not worried about inflation at all. Inflation will come down dramatically as per the cycle but unfortunately, the FED chair and policymakers don’t know the Astro cycle. I am the least worried about inflation, yes I won’t like to see any further destruction of wealth from here, as investors have lost a huge amount of money in the market. 

8.     Policy makers and Central banks are so confused and clueless and Saturn may keep them clueless until 2023. It is all in the hands of Jupiter to save the financial world.

9.     I will wait now for Mars to move out of its current house as it is currently with Jupiter and has been with it for the last 35 days. On the 26th of June Mars will move out from Pisces which means that Jupiter can play an independent role. If I am writing about this, then we may see the financial market getting stronger day by day after the 26th of June 2022.

10.  Agricultural commodities will move higher, but not because of demand, because of low yields due to weather-related issues. Extreme heat, drought, cold, rains, and floods, all kinds of extreme weather will be seen in 2022 and 2023 as mentioned in the book, and we have been predicting this for the last two years so don’t short agricultural commodities.

11. Young people who invested in Crypto thought that they could make money quickly without any major knowledge of the area, but they are now learning a very hard lesson. This may make them wise on how to and where to invest as we already mentioned that bitcoin will only be trusted from 2028. Don’t invest in Crypto until 2027. A short-term rebound can take place in August, but the damage that has been done is very serious.

Let policymakers remain confused, we should just do what the Astro cycles tell us.

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Thanks & God bless

Mahendra Sharna