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14-18 December 2020 complete weekly newsletter for metals, indexes, energy, currencies, grains, softs and bond...

Dear Members,

After many years today once again, I am publishing the complete weekly newsletter for 14-18th December here for everyone to review as many say that I always put a very small part of letter for the visitors of our website. I understand that, but it is due to our members policy, but once in a year I release a weekly news for everyone for free here on the website free sections so here is this week’s letter which was released on 13th December for period 14-18th December.

Our weekly newsletter is the most liked and our number one rated service among Wall-Street investors, and I am sure you will love to see the complete letter today. I have blacked out the Weekly ranges and important astro support and resistance points so sorry for that as these are the key points and I won’t be able to share these.

Here is PDF FILE weekly newsletter from 14-18 December 2020

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma