Gold Bull Market in 2020? – Gold Predictions for 2020

In 2019, Mahendra Sharma recommended buying gold at $1,281 with a target of $1,563, which was achieved. Gold prediction by Mahendra Sharma is remarkable. In 2001, when gold was trading at $273, Mahendra predicted gold will hit $1800. It was a remarkable prediction that made fortune for many followers of 

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Mahendra Sharma in his newsletter has recommended buying Gold at #1461 just three weeks back. It has moved more than $100 since the recommendation. Now the big question is how will Gold trade in 2020.? One should buy gold in 2020? or sell gold in 2020?

Gold Price in 2020

Mahendra Sharma mentioned in one of his latest articles on the website that his view for Gold prices in 2020 is very bullish. In his book 2020 Financial Prophecies (E-Book), Mahendra has given a detailed outlook of Gold and all other precious metals for the year 2020. If you trade in precious metals you should get a copy of this ebook. 

Team Mahendra Inc

For over 30 years, Mahendra Sharma has been accurately predicting and has proven himself to be a stock market astrologer. Mahendra’s predictions consistently outperform stock market prediction software. His successful predictions have spanned the globes, ranging from correctly identifying and stock market trends, upswing in uranium prices, weather reports to support grain growth in Australia and South America, the European debt crisis, as well as the rise in the Swiss Franc and the Yen.