Predictions on Coronavirus & Market Impact

The news of Coronavirus spreading like wildfire has hit the market hardest last week. The death toll has climbed to 190 in China as of last reported on Thursday, 30th January 2020. Around 7834 confirmed cases of infection reported worldwide. Coronavirus declared a public health emergency of international concern by World Health Organization (WHO).

In the book “2020 Financial Prophecies” by Mahendra Sharma, it is mentioned that 10 to 12 days in February will be difficult for markets and investors. If you read the monthly cycles of individual financial markets like Metals, Precios Metals, Global Stock Markets, Currencies, Soft & Grains, Treasury Bond, Crypto Currencies, Energy, Oil and all others in the book, it will guide you to take trades that are in your favor.

In his latest article on, Mahendra Sharma has shown concern over the spread of Coronavirus. The situation will be a bit worrying until 6th February. But after that Coronavirus will get under control. Mahendra has also predicted the Bio stocks in his previous newsletters that moved up due to Coronavirus.

Mahendra Sharma has predicted monthly rising and falling cycles of 2020 financial markets in his latest book 2020 Financial Prophecies. The book has received a great response. If you are a trader, investor, hedge fund, HNI or Portfolio manager, then this book is a must-read for you.

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