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We are posting reviews submitted by verified users of Mahendra Prophecy on our blog. The below review was sent by Chris Harris.

I would like to admit that I was very skeptical about the unconventional analysis of financial markets by Mahendra Prophecy before I subscribed to his theory. In my 18 years as a trader, I have always followed Technical charts to take my trades. I had made my living as a trader. But somehow technical analysis tends to fail and doesn’t give the stability. I first came to know about Mahendra Sharma from an article written by him on FX street. And later read his articles on Forbes, Kitco, Wall Street Journal and many other websites. I got interested when he predicted something out of the box when no technical indicators could show it about Gold and Crude.

I subscribed to his weekly and daily letter. His services looks expensive, but soon I would realize that the price I paid are comparatively low for the value I was getting from his newsletters. My technical analysis and Mahendra’s Astro predictions gave me a great setup that worked like a charm. I would like to admit my new setup has made me great amount of wealth in just 8 months. I am writing this blog as a tribute and respect for Mahendra Sharma for making me such a wealth.

I am now an avid believer of financial astrology and the power of astro in markets. Mahendra is gifted and has the unique ability to predict the markets.

Thanks Mahendra for your excellent predictions.

– Chris Harris

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For over 30 years, Mahendra Sharma has been accurately predicting and has proven himself to be a stock market astrologer. Mahendra’s predictions consistently outperform stock market prediction software. His successful predictions have spanned the globes, ranging from correctly identifying and stock market trends, upswing in uranium prices, weather reports to support grain growth in Australia and South America, the European debt crisis, as well as the rise in the Swiss Franc and the Yen.