Market Trend for Gold, Silver & Platinum

Gold and silver have been recognized as valuable metals, and have been coveted by investors for a long time. Gold is considered even today as a safe haven when there are systemic financial concerns, inflation on the rise and political or natural crisis.

With markets trading in an uncertain bearish range due to the crisis in China and economic turmoil, Gold is now gaining momentum. Is this momentum going to continue? Well the answer is already mentioned in the precious metals section of the 2020 Financial Prophecies E-Book.  As predicted in the “2020 Financial Prophecies”, the events are folding as predicted.

As per the Astro indicators and financial astrology, there is going to be a negative impact on the markets and there will be an uncertain trend in the market as mentioned by Mahendra Sharma in his article on the website.

Check out the market trends for Gold, silver and platinum and other insights.

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Team Mahendra Inc

For over 30 years, Mahendra Sharma has been accurately predicting and has proven himself to be a stock market astrologer. Mahendra’s predictions consistently outperform stock market prediction software. His successful predictions have spanned the globes, ranging from correctly identifying and stock market trends, upswing in uranium prices, weather reports to support grain growth in Australia and South America, the European debt crisis, as well as the rise in the Swiss Franc and the Yen.