Mahendra Sharma Review – April 2021

Hi Mahendra, This is Manish Mayani from India. We have completed another financial year (The Covid Financial Year) in India and our sincere thanks to you for your guidance through your book and newsletter. The covid made us skeptical and we would have got out of the market, but your conviction made us remain invested and now our portfolio has grown by 300% compared to last financial year. This could be possible only because of you.

We are very interested in the stock recommendations in your Indian Market Newsletter. All your stocks are showing solid returns. I once again thank you for the guidance.

Mahendra Sharma

For over 30 years, Mahendra Sharma has been accurately predicting and has proven himself to be a stock market astrologer. Mahendra’s predictions consistently outperform stock market prediction software. His successful predictions have spanned the globes, ranging from correctly identifying and stock market trends, upswing in uranium prices, weather reports to support grain growth in Australia and South America, the European debt crisis, as well as the rise in the Swiss Franc and the Yen.