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23-27 December weekly newsletter for metals, energy, Indexes, currencies, grains, softs and Bond...2020 Financial predictions is coming out soon..

Dear Members, 

I am delighted to put small part of this week's weekly newsletter, it is important one so don't miss it read first part.

This week buying gold, silver and platinum recommendations done really well, also etf like JNUG and NUGT moved 22%, this buying in JNUG and NUGT also done very well.

Our book "2020 Financial Predictions" will be out in the first week of January 2020. TSLA one of favorite stocks have done well, it moved from $228 to $415 in the last five months. It is ready to move toward $755 in 2020, also many recommended small stocks have performed amazingly well, follow our stock report or subscribe to read stock daily stock report.  

This year our Apple (we predicted to test $275 in 2019), Amazon ($2000 which got achieved) and Microsoft ($155 price) target got achieved. Early this year Appel was $152, MSFT $103 and AMZN was at $1579. 

Here is 23-27 Weekly newsletter PDF file. 

Thanks & GOD BLESS