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Avoid most experts and analysts as market, metals currencies and energy market has different plan....Financial astrology by Mahendra Sharma

Weekly Newsletter from 4-8 November

I will be back in the trading game from this Thursday or Friday with the blessings of Jupiter. In 2005 we achieved 13251% returns trading commodities and currencies, but after that we hardly traded actively…


Dear Members,

Jupiter is about to change its house on Tuesday early morning in Asia and the markets trend is showing that Jupiter is happily exiting Scorpio and entering Sagittarius. On the other hand Jupiter Scorpio didn’t give any positive results to my chart because I had heart related issues twice, which I was expecting. I foresaw some negativity but now I am bowing and full heartedly welcoming Sagittarius Jupiter.

I know millions of people or more 90% of the worlds population may wonder how these planets which are millions of miles away can impact our life and the markets trend. Yes, we are currently living in a technological era and we want facts and scientific reasons to get convinced.

If you ask me to explain it in detail then it may take a lifetime to make you understand this complex subject, which is part of whatever is happening in our life on a daily basis or even an hour basis. In a simple world whatever is happening around us or with us is part of a hidden cycle which builds us from childhood. Along with that our Karmic path (decisions) and Luck factor (end results as per current astro cycle) also shapes/impacts our life.

Each house in the astro cycle is represented by a certain planet, and the movement of the planets provide us positive, negative, or neutral results.

We all are connected in a hidden way (we all breath the same air), we are part of nature and our decisions lead us to success or failure, but they are hidden and controlled by nature/Planetary movements.

Three decades ago when I chose to predict the markets trend, I knew the challenges I would encounter because markets trend are very volatile and sensitive.

Anyway, I don’t want to write more about the hidden part because you like know where the market is moving and where you should invest so without wasting any further time I will write briefly about Jupiters impact on the market and then we will start weekly newsletter.

Jupiter will be changing its house on the 5th of November morning in Asia time, or 5th night in USA. Jupiter will be moving to Sagittarius, and the interesting thing will be will be Saturn is place currently in Sagittarius so Jupiter and Saturn two most powerful planet will stay in one house for the next two and half months. This could prove to be a major market mover combinations.

In the month of October, I received emails stating that a lot of people are predicting a crash in the market in the month of October, but I denied that because of Jupiter in Scorpio with other planetary combinations was not showing any indications of crash. You can find astrologers in every corner of India and if you ask them how market will move, or gold will move they all will give you an answer without putting any hard research. It is sad and that’s the reason the astro subject has such a bad name. I have been studying the astro cycles for over 40 years but still I am struggling to predict with 100% accuracy (look at my two predictions like palladium and coffee, I was 100% wrong and that’s the reason I need to keep studying). So please ignore all other fancy astrologer who call them selves market predictors. I am not saying that 100% people in astro are fraud but I can say 99% are fraud.

Anyways lets come back to Jupiter, as it is very important planet as it control or rules; market, wealth, money, gains, financial system, banks, financial institutions, central banks, IMF, gold, monetary system, central banks Governors and finance minister. In personal charts also it represent Finance, loans, spirituality, wisdom, truth, mentor, Guru, trading, investment, currency market and metals.

According to my theory Jupiter will start helping financial and banking stocks, and banks are highly weighted in Indexes so surely the market can easily move further higher. Jupiter and Saturn combination can push S&P and global markets towards a new high. S&P can easily test 3200 or higher by 24 January 2020.

Jupiter can give new life to the commodity market but major positivity could start in oil and gold in 2020 once Saturn moves out.

I am not recommending any shorts in the market. Also the currency market will get 100% influenced by Jupiter so be aware, those frontline currencies have a limited upside but emerging market currencies can outperform during Sagittarius Jupiter. Jupiter will stay in Sagittarius house until the last quarter of 2020 so surely a great money-making opportunity will come. Jupiter in Sagittarius help occult science subject (astrology) to do well, means our predictions can achieve 99% success rate.

I am really happy and excited, bowing to Jupiter and welcoming Sagittarius Jupiter. I am 100% sure that during next one year most of you will make a great amount of money by following our work. Let’s offer Yellow flowers to guru/Mentor or any spiritual place like Temple, Church or Mosque. Or you can keep yellow flowers in your house of office for the next one year. Do some charity of yellow objects.

Last week globally markets moved higher, USA market traded and close all time higher. Tech stocks gained handsome value and Financial stocks performed well. Our target of 3089 may get achieve this week. Last week Monday we stated that S&P may test 3089 in the next ten days.

More than 90% analysts are getting wrong predicting market trend, investors have been trimming positions in market and this market have been kept moving higher. If everything goes well then, I expect 8% rally in the next two and half months which means that S&P will move above 3200. This was my dream prediction, and no one was believing that this could happen in reality and that’s the reason astro cycles are so accurate in guiding market trend. This year also our accuracy level of predicting market trend remain best as we were able to guide you very accurately every week.

I will be back in the trading game from this Thursday or Friday with the blessings of Jupiter. In 2005 we achieved 13251% returns trading commodities and currencies, but after that we hardly traded actively. I will make sure that my trading won’t influence my writing, surely I will keep mentioning what I am buying or selling so it will be interesting for you to remember what I am doing.

This week the astro combinations are (subscribe to read complete weekly letter for metals, markets, energy, grains, currencies, softs, bond)…


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma