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Gold, silver, platinum and emerging market currencies are best bet...

Dear Members,

Most powerful turnaround in emerging market currencies took place today, and we are sure you must have had positions in Rand, Real, and Peso.

On the other hand, frontline currencies also gained from the lower predicted level. Most of the currencies held the lower side levels. This is what we have been writing in our daily Flashnews since last week to sell UDS against emerging market currencies: (Dollar won’t go above 4.21 against Real, 20.43 against Peso, 71.98 against Rupee and 15.48 against Rand).

Metals moved higher; gold, silver, and platinum gained handsome value, and platinum is our favorite now since last three weeks. Don’t short metals, ignore all expert’s advice as currently every single move in metals has been taking place as per the astro-cycle. Buying recommendations in gold at $1281, silver $14.45 and platinum $798 have really done well. Selling in copper and zinc have also done very well in the last five months but selling in Palladium predictions is not fulfilling, we are still expecting Palladium prices to fall 50%. 

The markets gained value, and in today’s letter we recommended buying INDL and YINN.

Many are asking what time our special offer is expiring? The answer is Thursday. The next offer will come during the last week of next year.  

Important note: Gold, Silver, and Platinum can gain further 30%, so read this week’s, weekly newsletter carefully.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma